How Is It April Already?

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I forgot that this was April.  I forgot it was National Poetry month.

Honestly, I just flipped the calendar over to the new month yesterday and didn’t notice a thing.

However, I still get emails.  Today, on the 5th, is the first day I received anything that said anything about Poetry month.

On top of that, I know that the 100 Day Project began two days ago.  I have had plans for this year’s 100 days project for a while.  And it fits in beautifully with Tara Leaver’s free 7-day challenge that started today.

Last week, due to the 100 Day Project, I was cognizant enough to pick up paint specifically for my project.  I bought three colors of postcard-sized cardstock, I think back in December (brown, white, black).  I’m not worried about starting late, because with our days, I never thought I would make one thing a day for one hundred days—but I did want to make 100 things within the time allotted.  So I had planned to set up space one day during the week and paint out as many cards as I felt up to…and then work on the individual cards throughout the coming week as I felt able.

Plus, I got an extra push this morning when I received an email from the Kindness Rocks Project suggesting that we leave Random Art of Kindness cards as an art abandonment project.  My original idea was to make up 100 art cards, write or doodle or something (that part hasn’t gelled up quite yet) and then … leave them for people to find…

So—what am I babbling on about here?

The fact that I have four days of poetry to catch up on…and it’s time for me to start my 100 pieces project…as well as making sure I take more than enough time to rest rest rest, recuperate and heal.  Luckily, I can smoosh and splash paint while sitting on the couch…because I am so worn out at the moment…if I had only a few spoons a day before surgery, right now I have one spoon per day…and an energetic five-year-old on top of that…

I will be posting my work as I go along…

Thanks for listening.

Word Of The Year Check-In

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{As an aside: the girl above has green eyes on the page–I never paint girls with blue eyes.  It’s one of my quirks.}


My word for the year is: settle in.

To paraphrase about four different online dictionary resources: to arrange oneself and one’s belongings so as to be comfortable.

Usually, this seems to be used in reference to moving into a new home or new job or something else that is ‘new’.

None of that ‘new’ is happening here, yet, and we have no such deadline for it to happen.  Things will shift in those arenas when the time is right…we know this.

However, after surgery and now in recovery, I feel like I have a new … way to be.  I am morphing once again.  It’s the same old me, doing the same old stuff, but doing it in different ways–and having more faith in myself.

For instance, if you have visited this site before, you will notice a lot of changes have happened in the past few days.  There are now a great many more pages–and a lesser amount of links.

I had a month of time on my hands before the surgery took place.  During this time, since I was nervous and worried and down-right panicky, I worked through some things, looked at many things, pushed to see where I felt good about going, pushed to see what my heart genuinely wanted…

One thing I have had on my to-do list for a while now is… read more.  Since I am a random reader, except for kids books, these days, I set myself a goal of reading a book a month for the year.  Before surgery–I devoured a whole bunch of books.  I have already reached my goal…and I have been reading since I was released, as soon as my eyes were able to focus clearly and my head was clear enough to comprehend what I was reading.

Another thing is knitting more.  I will have to tell you the story of Duncan’s first adult baby surprise jacket.  I still have to fix it, because I was on pain meds when I cast on and I read the pattern wrong–which isn’t so bad except when you are working with big yarn and big needles…I marked the decrease at stitch 57 and it should have been at stitch 50 or 52–and with this, every 2 stitches equals an inch…so I have to be creative to finish off the one sleeve that is way too narrow because of that mistake.

For the first time in years, I am also designing knitwear again.  Nothing fancy at the moment,  Right now it’s just a simple garter stitch hat.  But I know more is coming, because I have been writing more as well…

And writing is another thing that cropped up and kept cropping up.  I took a medicinal poetry class to get my mojo back.  I am writing poetry again.  Although I have a new way of looking at it…one that didn’t occur to me until I was re-working and editing a poem…I wrote the poem out, the version of it that I liked but knew needed more work…on a piece of watercolor paper…and then I painted over it.

I’m not finished working through either yet…but every time I looked at the painted sheet, I see shapes that want to come out….and I hear pieces of the poetry those shapes want to bring out with them…

I am also working on writing more fiction…and non-fiction as well.

Something that hit me with this last Full Moon was the need to simplify things in all areas of my life.  One thing that has bothered me for a while that I wasn’t sure how to deal with was the family website (now defunct).  I felt I had a responsibility to the family to keep it up and running…but with everything else going on…it had become too much of a hassle…and too much like a repository, instead of something new and vibrant and useful.

This site is where I dedicate most of my time (usually) and this is where I want everything to be, all in one place.  This is where I have pulled everything, work, home, you name it.

I still have a lot to do.

It was brought to my attention this weekend that the PayPal click here to buy linky things did not work–they didn’t take you to a shopping cart with PayPal–they did nothing at all…so, I had to pull them…until I figure this issue out, email me if you are interested in something and I will send you an invoice.  Since I have to do things slowly and rest a great deal in between, it may be a while before I get this issue resolved.  I, frankly, am in no rush, because I have other plans up my sleeve as well.

It’s a start and right now that is the more important thing to me.

Home is home…there’s not much I can do right now since I am on light duty.  I am not even allowed to exercise beyond a little bit of walking at the moment.  I do what I can…and I release the rest to someone else to handle.

I am sleeping more, resting more, being more comfortable when I rest–instead of worrying about things I haven’t done or haven’t completed.

I feel an intense amount of joy the The Raven Journey is spruced up and now available again.  Since the manuscript does not lend itself to e-book formatting…I have to content myself with the knowledge that one day I will have this printed out as a textbook and I will teach the material within its pages.

I have more settling into my body, with her new scars and new purpose, to do yet, but much of that is dependent upon taking the time to heal now and not overdoing things so that once I am given the all clear…I can move forward with grace and compassion.

Until next time…







Now Available: The Raven Journey A Guided Meditation Series


See?  I have been working.

Redone, reworked and spiffed up quite a bit, here is my baby:

The Raven Journey

A Guided Meditation Series


In 2011, I sat down with a notebook and some colorful pens and wrote out this series by hand…only to worry that it wasn’t “professional” enough…so I turned it into a typewritten manuscript…one that does not appreciate the formatting required for being turned into an e-book.

I offer here to you a series of Guided Meditations for you to dip in and out of as you need, depending upon where you are in your journey.  There are over twenty sections in this course, each one a different task, a different journey.

This course is broken down into main meditation sections, following by processing exercises that coincide with that particular exercise.

The Raven here is your Guide.  Raven will take you to meet a wide cast of characters throughout the series.

There is plenty of room throughout the book to write down any thoughts that come to mind, to sketch, to scribble, to doodle, whatever you are called to do throughout.

This course comes to you as a self-paced 333 page PDF.

The cost of the course is $25 US.  Please include The Raven Journey in the comment space of your order so I know what to send you.

Please allow at least 24 hours for email delivery of your PDF.

Order here.

Thank you.