The Bee In My Bonnet



Neon pink does not like to show itself well when scanned by our scanner…but, hey, it showed up pretty nicely anyway…not as bright as in reality, but it works.

The Queen Bee, Maeve Herself…and Her message, barely glimpsed as it is under the watermark…Keep the Faith…




This is the first spread from my Red Journal.


The initial layer of clear gesso went over gangbusters here with the hand-made paper.

I found a rhythm with this piece for the background, where plenty of the original paper does show through, but it blends into the background without overtaking the focal image.

The focal image–blew me away.  Now, I am working on a canvas with a similar image:

WIP. ..first layer of new painting

A photo posted by Tabitha Beck (@theknittingjourneyman) on

but I didn’t think the image would be following me elsewhere…

There is more to the fox story than meets the eye–since I am still working with this story, I’ll leave it alone here for the moment.

The journal spread, however, seems to be kicking off something entirely different.

For years, I have taken classes that have taught me to draw faces, lots of faces.  Faces are my go to thing to draw–but they weren’t always.

I used to draw trees–animals–flowers.  In fact, when I doodle now, it is mostly trees and flowers.  I have lost the rhythm, I have lost the trust in myself to simply draw animals anymore.

When this spread was in process–meaning it was in between layers drying and we went for our weekly walk out in Nature, the whole family, it started to peck away at me.

Perhaps the journey of this journal is to reunite me with my animal rhythms again.

I have been a follower and a fan of Maya Zaido for many years now.  I am always eager to peruse her enotes from sacred spaces every time they arrive in my inbox.  One thing that I race to read, every time, is the Creature Teachers section — because it never fails that Maya gives us information and conversation on  a creature that has shown up in my life, be it in daily life or in my dreams.

I have long wanted to dive back into the mystic waters of the Animal Guides and Natural Awareness.

As I feel so trapped where I currently am, missing the mountains of my family as I do, perhaps this journal is a way to reconnect with much more than just animal essences,

As I said, this is a journey…the Fox here is merely the very first step.  I already have a list of creatures bent on appearing within this journal’s pages.  I am happy to dive in here and see what else appears.

Brightest blessings.


Ayala Art’s 29 Faces Challenge This September


Ayala Art hosts 29 faces every February and every September.

I have participated in two of these challenges thus far, because those are the only ones I have known about.  However, I am greatly looking forward to this September 29 Faces challenge.


It’s August right now.  I am already contemplating — style — genre — technique — which journal — what sort of paper.

No ATCs with this challenge.  Not for me.  I also don’t want to work too big.  I don’t want to work too small.  Plus, I still have all the ATC faces from this past February’s challenge sitting here waiting to be painted out.

I have my two-minute portrait journal.  I have the red coptic journal, which I have not started to work in yet.  I have the butterfly coptic.  I have the new red journal.

What I want to start playing with is more unreal, more surrealist faces.  Something more disjointed, less pretty, more strange.

I am very excited about the idea.  Now, it’s August.  I may start playing with this idea before 29 Faces…or not.  I have no idea.  This is where my heart is at the moment.

We’ll just have to see where it goes.

The Full Moon Spread


Technically, what I am about to show you is not my ‘official’ Full Moon art journal spread for this month…but it is something I did in collusion with the Full Moon energies.  This is actually the second of three spreads,  Each spread was done in a different journal, based solely on the whims of my Muse, for whatever reason.

The first spread was done in a journal too large to fully capture on the scanner bed–so I took photographs instead…and when I was editing and everything this afternoon…I actually couldn’t find the camera, so I figured this one needs to wait a bit longer before it is revealed.

The third spread, the ‘official’ Full Moon spread, is still in progress..and may be for a day or two, because if I thought sickness ruled the house earlier this week, I was wrong…it has now settled on me and is hitting me with a vengeance, so I am not pushing myself in any direction other than rest–and hot tea.

So…you are left with the second of three spreads today.

She is a step in a different direction for me.  I like that.  I like the idea of her.  I like where she is going.  I am happy with her.  I love how she turned out.

And yes, the left page is all background,  No focal image.  No writing.  No quote.  Nothing.  It’s supposed to be like that.  The background itself — that once spread across both pages–holds its own message for me.



Here’s the cropped version, of just Her.

watermarked-face crop



Once upon a time, years and years ago, I became The KnittingJourneyman.  I still use this moniker in a lot of places, like on ravelry.  It used to be my email address, my blog address, all sorts of things.  The KnittingJourneyman used to be my identity.  That was how I defined myself.  A journeyman, who was dedicated to knitting.  Among other things.

Slowly, over time, the knittingjourneyman mythos evolved, dissolved and has become…displaced…and other than slowly leaning into unfurling my mermaid’s tail, the one I have wrapped myself up in and hidden, not only myself, but the whole tail….I don’t know what else to tell you.

watermarked-Scan_20160616 (3)

I am in mid-shift.  It is an awakening…and a re-awakening.  It is a releasing–and an embracing.  It is a break-through and a break-free…it is a remembering…and a forgetting…

And when the new name appears…I will let you know…

I have taken this into my art journal, and my written journal, and I am still working on things.

Who knew, waiting for a new name to appear could take so much time and effort…especially for someone for whom such things usually come swiftly.  Apparently, there is more going on around and within me than I am aware of at the moment.