So, like, about a thousand years ago, we went on a family trip to Branson…it was probably about the time I learned I should not knit hats anywhere near anyone in my family ever…but I was making colorwork hats for everyone at the time.

In fact, I can tell you now, since I found a totally different notebook from  (August 4) 2014 with my to-do list #1 item being “find Branson 2013 notebook” that the trip was in June of 2013.

I found it.

That *&(#%$^&# notebook from that trip to Branson in 2013 that I have seriously been looking for ever since … I swear ever since the very day we got back…because I put that thing somewhere safe and the safe place ATE it for me.

I found that notebook–and a whole bunch of other stuff…because we moved out the old computer desk that had become storage only and poor storage at best and I pulled everything off of it…and it was all very safe…and totally inaccessible… which was the whole issue with why that desk had to go in the first place…not to mention the desk is unnecessary anyway in the grand scheme…so it all worked in my best interest…and the best interests of the house.

Why I have wanted this notebook so badly is because the original intention was to knit up all these hats using the patterns I created based on the bathroom and floor tiles throughout the condo we stayed in…even after I figured out I needed to not knit hats near my family again…I wanted those patterns because making these people hats is what I did…and what I need to do again…

I don’t even think there is anything else in the notebook anymore because I have a tendency to tear pages out after I have used the information on them…or tear them out and file the pages elsewhere to condense things down and not take up so much space, and to keep similar things together…

Now, I have a stack of yarn from then that I had intended to use to make everyone hats…and I have the patterns I wanted to use to make said hats…and I now have a method to do increases that seems to work around this house full of monkeys…

And I am busy knitting other things…because I have some issues with some of the yarn sitting there–a lot of it was bought for Dylan and I am still not over the loss of Dylan.  So, when I am capable of working on the hats, using any yarn, and not having issues because of Dylan…I’ll let you know.

I can’t remember now, but I know I meant to release at least one of the colorwork pattern for free and to sell the rest.  I was designing a lot of knits back then…and it is my goal to get back into that once again.

I’ll keep you posted.


A Little News

So, we here spent most of December sick…and when we weren’t sick, we were traveling…add in the holidays and the weather…and oh my…I know it is the now third week of January here, but I still feel as if I am trying to catch up with everything in December.

I am not yet promising there will be more posts here more often yet…I am coming down with some new bug as I type…but I will be here when I can…

Update #1: Interested in something new and strange on the fiction agenda?  Then pop over to Sisters of Wyrd, where my friend Tracy and I are tag-team writing something…new and different.  This is an experiment for us, as we both dip our toes back into our passions…and share them with you…

Please keep in mind–we do not have a set writing schedule.  We post as we feel like it when we feel like it, and we won’t feel a bit guilty no matter how much time passes between posts.  I suggest you sign up to receive email notifications of new posts if you want to follow along there.

Update #2: yes, I am still working on my non-colorwork Strange Brew sweater–which should have been finished in November and wasn’t.  I finished knitting the body of the sweater during the drive out to the East Coast to visit family.  No, I wasn’t driving; I was a passenger.

Once we got back, I wasn’t feeling well and we were busy, so I didn’t want to work on the sweater and fubar it…and at the beginning of January I pulled it out, read the how to join the body and the sleeves to be able to work the yoke…and my brain skittered…I have been working on other things, because oh my gosh has January been busy behind the scenes here, and I have not yet made myself sit down and find video tutorials on youtube to help me figure this out…although I do have yarn, thanks to Christmas gift cards, for two more sweaters…so– this is coming…I swear…because it is driving me crazy not to finish it…

Update #3: that free knitting pattern…I have the pattern written out…and I am working on test knitting it–I can’t just throw out a random stitch pattern and say go…but I knit mostly at night, when the 5yo is wound up…and I get frustrated easily with yarn, so I tend to stop when things start to get rough so I don’t get too overwrought…it is coming…

Update #4: the zine…believe it or not…I have most of it done in my head already –which is great, huh…but that seems to have been my sticking point…the geez, what do I put in a zine…so I just need to sit and get to work…

Please bear with me here…a house full of sick people, a mom on a mission to declutter and detox from top to bottom, and an artist trying to make progress…plus keep up with outside appointments and responsibilities…but…I am coming along…

Thanks for joining me…


Coming This Month…And Beyond…

New year…new ideas.


Say goodbye to last year’s For Your Inspiration Fridays.


Say goodbye to calendar events.


Say goodbye to Oracle and Tarot Card Pulls.


Say goodbye to Wonderland and the Magic Mushroom.


I will be posting a free 31 Day Single-Word Prompt calendar (hopefully TODAY) — take these prompts and do with them what you will.


I will be posting a free zine, at some point.


I will be posting a free knitting washcloth/dishcloth pattern, at some point.


You can read a little more about these last three here.


You can also expect more writing, more poetry, more knitting, more art…throughout the coming months.


We are still on hiatus here due to illness, so the real work should start tomorrow.


Thank you for following along on the journey here.

Bonne Année

Happy New Year.



Welcome to 2018.

So, I spent the month of December fighting off one germ after another…as did the rest of my household…so if you still haven’t gotten our Christmas card…many apologies…seriously, we were sick. I did the best I could under the circumstances, but I admit, if I could have mailed anything out on Christmas Day…it would have still gone out a day later…that’s how things were around here.

Other than prompts, I did not post very much in December. One reason…sick…but another reason was and is…I needed the time to rest. I have a lot of plans for 2018…which I will reveal in time here…but I needed the space and the time to ground into things.

Which brings me to my word of the year for 2018. I’ve known it since October…but I fought it until past Thanksgiving because I don’t like the way it initially sounds to my ear. I had to sit with it and delve into it to really want to allow it to enter into my psyche and into my world.

Settle in.

That’s my ‘word’ of the year.

When I was investigating and planning for 2018, ‘settle in’ came up pretty quickly. I don’t like the word ‘settle’. I don’t want to settle. I have spent a great deal of my life settling for less than I wanted in many arenas. The idea that I ‘should’ spend 2018 ‘settling’ grated on my nerves. It made me angry. I refused to look at it. I refused to accept it. I moved past that and tried to find other words…and nothing came. So I went on through the other things I was doing. At one point, I simply stopped thinking about, stopped fighting about it, stopped growling about it…and I did more work around things and let it go.

Settle in came back, again and again. Eventually, with a great deal of extraneous context, I started to allow settle in…in.

Settling in is NOT about settling for less. It is about…sinking into my world, into my life. Putting down roots. Drawing into the depths of me once again.

For eight years now, maybe, give or take, I have been held enthrall to the rites of fertility. I have had miscarriages. I have had my now five-year-old little golden child. I lost a child after we had our 5yo. I am still in grieving. However, with a newborn, into toddler, in the midst of my grief, in the midst of a chronic illness that became triggered and escalated during all the other things going on…I had to let go of keeping house, for the most part, and allow my teenager and partner to take over things. I am not saying I didn’t do anything, but what I did was vastly different from what I used to do. Now, I am slowly getting back into my homekeeping once again.

Uhm, let’s just say, not blaming my partner here, because we both trusted the teen-ager, even though we should have known better, or checked up on her more vigorously, I am in shock by how terrible things are. We have a basement—we have wooden shelves in the basement—this is where we keep party supplies, Easter décor, Halloween décor, Christmas decor—you get the idea…for Halloween in 2017—we were unable to find all of the boxes of decoration (it is our favorite time of year here)…for Christmas, we could not find even more boxes…half of the things that are my traditional pieces to have out…we have no clue where they are. Am I talking 2 and 3 inch big decorations? No. I am talking a 2ft tall cloth Santa mounted on wood so he stands alone. I am talking an 18-inch tall soft snowman that is our advent calendar. I am talking a roughly 18-inch tall Christmas tree made of dowelling and cloth and lace. Why are these things lost? Because we trusted the now 16yo to take boxes downstairs and put them away, unaided. She was 15 when we last trusted her to do this…and now…seriously…we can’t figure out where they are or what she did…and neither can she.

So, one thing that settling in (before I go off on a tirade about the teenager) this year will be for me is reclaiming my Domesticity. That means, filing through things, one space at a time. I will be purging, organizing, clearing, creating…taking this domicile from House to Home, to the best of my ability, as slowly as I need to go, based on my health and other circumstances.

For me it also means…settling into me once again…through pregnancy and grief and illness, I have lost my muchness..I need to get that back. That for me means art, reading, writing, knitting, poetry, walking…silence…rest…Yoga…delving into the Core that is me…and that Core does depend upon my environment being clean and clear, as much as possible…so again back to the Domesticity being regained and held…it means cooking again…it means sewing again…it means…more sleep…more stretching…more of what makes me me…and all of this with the rest of my family, especially my 5yo, holding on …and helping as much as they can.

This year, D (5yo) will be learning to read and write—he tells me – and everyone else – this…and not just because we are offering him an allowance of $1 a week to do so…although I am sure that is helping…math he can be quite clear on…especially when we are in a store and he wants to buy something…so we shall be settling in deeper into his education.

He has also agreed to work through LifeBook 2018 with me, especially after he heard there will be Yoga lessons. He loves Yoga. We’ll see if he takes to the art part as much as he used to when he was smaller. And this will be a settling in of our relationship, broadening it to a deeper level—which is always welcome.

So, there you go…my word of the year: Settle In…I haven’t made art around this word yet, beyond some initial sketching…so I will be posting that soon…erm…soon-ish….