Welcome To My New Space

Well, I could detail the process that lead to the creation of this blog–but, man, is that a long, drawn-out and convoluted story that I honestly do not care to relive at the moment–as I am still recovering from it.

Let it suffice to say that I needed some space for the me I am right now…and this is it.

My former blog (now defunct and unreachable due to said story above) was created in roughly 2007–and it stood throughout so many different iterations.  It began life as a writer’s notebook.  Now, it is done.  That season, of being on the wrong side of the mirror, has passed.

watermarked-heart spirit sight

Now, I know–I am on the right side of the mirror…on my side…my Alyce Journey continues…come along with me, if you have a mind to do so.