Stage Two Piece

So, in February, in Mandala Magic 2015, we were introduced to Stage 2 of the Great Round, which is Bliss.

This is one of the last pieces that I completed for this stage:


Yes, she is rough, but I had a lot of help from my youngest while I was trying to finish her…and a couple of other ones.

And, yes, although his handiwork is not visible on the page (unless you count the random splatters which I kinda like), she has an areola because Duncan does not like it when I draw or paint breasts with no nipples or anything…it bothers that boy to no end…so she has hers showing…

If you would like to see more of my mandala work for Julie Gibbos’s Mandala Magic, click here

Oh, and I did scan this sketch before I painted her in this journal.  I knew when I drew it I was going to want to do a much better spread on much better paper with her.

I’ll let you know when I do that.