Yet Another Bird…

I took this drawing that Duncan made for me I don’t know how long ago…


Now, the child makes tons of drawings–all the time…

This is one that I have carried in my purse for months.

He is the one who spilled something on it–not long after he started to create it.

I took his drawing and turned it into this:


This became the background for a six inch by six inch wooden panel.

I had no real intention when I began…but the birds, they do keep coming…

When I began to paint out this bird, I cold not do my usual layering and pulling and pushing and building…

I put on a wash of color for the background.

I laid down what I originally thought would be the base coat.

And this is what happened:



The piece told me that it was all done…this is as far as it wanted to go.

So–here is my latest completed collaboration with my 2yo.

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