New Moon Piece…Yes, It Is Late

But it was done on the proper day.

This is an interesting piece for me.

It’s in my hand-bound art journal.  I am trying to play in that a lot more these days–it has plenty of pages and plenty of space.

Originally, I started this spread weeks ago, in response to a quote I saw somewhere online.  I had taken a graphite pencil and written the quote all over the spread, up and down, back and forth.

And then–I went into a different journal, one of my altered books, and I created a spread in response to that quote.

Then, the New Moon began to approach.  So–I decided it was time to complete that spread.  I have this weird thing about going forward in my journal, one spread at a time, in order.  I am nonplussed about going back and re-doing or working over an old spread instead of moving on to a fresh page…but there is something in me that requires I work through my book in order.  Yes, I missed my calling as a librarian.

Anyway–I went back to that spread and with a felt tip pen of some sort (probably an ultra fine sharpie), I journalled all over the graphite quote…all over both pages of the spread…up and down and all around.

Then, I threw down a very light coat of gesso–for whatever reason.

I picked five random colors and began to spread them willy nilly across the spread.  I used a credit card to spread paint at first…then my fingers…then the brayer…and then back to the key card.

I walked away and let that dry.

Then next morning, I sketched in the flower and the face with a black stabilo marks all pencil.

That flower has more paint and more layers on it than the face and hair combined.

This is one of those where I laid down a glaze of color for the hair–and a base glaze of color for the face…and a little white on the nose…I didn’t even water out the stabilo–anything that looks watered out is due to the paint I put on.

I walked off to let the base layers dry before I came back to work the face…and when I came back…she told me quite clearly that that was all she needed, thank you very much…and so … here she is, in all her glory…



For all her beauty, she does not photograph well at all…I about beat the scanner to a pulp after trying to scan this spread five or six times.  The scanner kept picking up the layers of grey under everything…this is actually a photograph and the best one of about ten…and still…that grey is very prominent…and yet, in person…you don’t see that grey–not in her hair and not in her face…all you see if the grey lines in the background between the face and the flower…

Go figure…