That Which Seems Too Easy

There is this amazing new energy sweeping in through my life. Not just mine, but I can only speak for mine. I am absolutely blown away by the opportunities beginning to manifest for me these days…all of which seem to be bent on leading to even more opportunities…which is a very good thing.
Personally, lately, I have had to consider the way I myself work and have been working. I have examined, consulted, pondered and wondered. I have gone outside of myself, to friends and to family, to people I know at random, seeking. I have consulted cards and Guides and oracles. Finally, after gathering all this information, I stepped back and stepped within for a few moments and spoke with…my own Inner Wisdom, that Higher Self that awaits within us all.
I was given an answer that I had already had in mind when I began this journey. It had been backed up by friends, associates, family, Guides, oracles, you name it…although many times the message from others came in garbled by their own fields of reference so that it is only now in hindsight that I can see the whole…OOOO…this is what they meant by all of that round about bits…
Simple is beautiful.
Simple is beautiful.
A friend gave me this little bracelet that has that sentiment etched into it. I wear it as often as I can…having a toddler means a limited time for wearing jewelry…he tends to abscond with…everything…
I was reminded again this morning not to turn up my nose at practices and rituals that seem…too simple. It is in the simple things that great things develop and grow. It is in the simple practices that we gather our energy and our Light to move forward. It is in those simple practices that we find our voice, find our strength, work up our courage to go forth and fight the good fight – or whatever it is we are doing.
There is much to be said for a morning ritual of brewing tea and sipping it while it is hot.
There is much to be said for arriving at the blank page, pen in hand, mind blank, and letting the pen move across the paper for a certain length of time.
There is much to be said for answering the same question over and over and over and over, until you clear away the detritus and reach that deep deep well where you really need to swim.
Light your candle.
Take some deep breaths.
Stop looking outside of yourself. Stop waiting for some heavy duty powerful something something to reach out and smack you.
Wake up. Have your tea. Wash your dishes. Show up at the page. Show up at the canvas. Move your body. The Wisdom you seek is there. It is in the easiest and most innocuous of methods that you will reach it, that you will embrace it.
Simple is beautiful. Don’t scoff at simple because it seems too facile. The appearance of being easy is a disguise, because the deep true work begins in those simple consistent actions, one step at a time.
Think about it.


Prompt: Rumi Quote

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

The New Moon

OK–so I am slacking…I actually did create this piece on the actual New Moon–this past Monday…

And I have been telling myself since it dried enough for me to scan it that I need to schedule a post for it…

Well…it’s been a hella busy week…

So  here is my New Moon on Monday piece for this month…


Working on The Initiate Program

So, I am working on a spiritual development program called (tentatively, this is the working title) The Initiate Program.

I will be talking about this program periodically for who knows how long.  This is basically the culmination of all my work and studies since I was about ten years old.  It incorporates other ideas, other workshops, other courses and many other … things … into a single program.

The original focus of this program was to be one year in length.  Now, that is going to be two years.

There will be options to take the first and second year, to take only the first year, to take different elements of the program as I create individual programs within the program—but all of that is coming on down the line.

It is going to take me at least a year to work through and create…so there is no rush if you are interested.  I will release more information as it becomes available.

I will not put a release date on this program yet, because the second I do that, everything in the world will become more important than me working on this program.  It never fails.  I am not a writer nor an artist that does well with deadlines.  Give me a deadline two weeks before you need whatever done and I promise I will have it done…as soon as that deadline passes…something about my Muse and me…when work better when the deadline has come and gone.

Anyway, I am working with my mentee (and best friend) Tracy to develop this program…this program will have many components: written work, videos, audios, all sorts of stuff.

So I sat down and started to try to type up the introductory part of this work…and the harder I tried to type it up, the more my head hurt—literally…I finally had to stop and just lay down for a bit—which actually mutated into a nap…which was not a bad thing at all for me.

When I woke up, I was prepared to fight my way through typing again…when it hit me, clear as day—stop trying to type it and WRITE it out…use a pen, use your hand…and write.

When I started writing – years ago…I always wrote by hand…my best and most favorite piece to date is The Raven Journey.  I hand-wrote this entire thing…and it should have stayed that way—but I caved – I didn’t want anyone to have issues reading what I wrote—as the text danced over the pages, among other things…plus, I did not want to be accused to copying anyone else’s way of doing things…

I still to this day regret typing Raven up and I wish I had left her as she was…but that is water under the bridge…the original is long-shredded and sent to the worm bin as bedding.

Now…I know…I will hand-write the pieces of this course that want to be hand-written.  Not all of them will be…but some will.  I am learning –yet again—to stop and to listen and to trust what my Intuition and what my Muse are saying to me…



Meeting My Work

Sheri Ponzi sent out a guided meditation to her newsletter subscribers a couple weeks ago.

It was called Meet Your Work.

Now, understand that I love Sheri Ponzi.  I have not in the faintest a single clue how I stumbled upon her old website…but as soon as I saw it, I wanted to work with her.  Painting Yourself Into Being, it was called.  However, I was unable to take any online classes with her at that time.

Given how hectic last year was for me anyway, I am thinking this was not a bad thing.

If you want to learn more about Sheri, you can watch her interview with Connie Solera for 21 Secrets Conversations.

I loved Sheri’s work long before I saw that interview, but the clicks and the bells that rang for me as I watched it—it was so amazing.  There are very few people that I have had that experience with…and good things always come from it when that happens.

Anway—back to meeting my work…

I listened to the recording the day it came out…and I scribbled this terrible little picture on a scrap piece of paper with a pen that only partially decided to write half the time.

There was a book, with a ribbon tied in a bow at the top of it, wide open.  A stork was leaning over the book, holding one end of the ribbon.  The stork was standing on a stack of books.  Each book had a different title on its spine.  There was a line of people coming with arms open, with hearts open, to buy these books, to learn from these books…and there was a line of people walking away from the books with arms open and hearts open ready to teach others what they had learned…

I think it was a week after Sheri originally sent out this meditation that she offered a contest to win two spaces in her new course, Trust the Magic.  I felt a bit bad when she opened this contest up, because I had been intending to email her, both about the meditation and her workshop in 21 Secrets Spring 2015—which to date is the only one I have actually done more than watch…hers was the one class I was so jonesing for…and when I downloaded 21 Secrets upon its release, I went directly to Sheri’s workshop…and it was so late at night—I could not keep my eyes open and I had to just be happy to have it and had to go to bed.

It actually took me I think two weeks to listen to and work through Sheri’s workshop, because any time I was ready to do the work, something else came up that demanded my attention…it took me three days to work through the workshop…and it still tickles me when I look at what I created.  I love what I learned.

But—I digress…sorry about that…

I sent Sheri an email detailing what I learned and saw in my meditation, as well as what came up for me in the 21 Secrets workshop…

I didn’t expect anything.  I was just happy to reach out and let her know just how much her work has touched me.  I won a spot in Trust the Magic…and it took me awhile to stop whimpering in happiness over it…I am so very excited about this class.  And I have the space to dig in and really work this class…I love it.

Now, back to my stork.

From the moment I scribbled out my sketch, I knew I wanted to paint this and put it up somewhere where I could see it all the time…

When I sat down and began to sketch and paint, my stork said, only paint me.  Let the rest go for right now.

Uhm…what?  Why?

Because I should not get so entangled and caught up in just that work, in just those courses…there is so much more to be done, so many other places to go…and Stork does not want me to focus solely on creating these courses in such a way that causes me to let go of all the other things that are meant to be coming in…

And so…I listened…

Here is my stork…


He is set on a background created using suminagashi inks.  I had thought to amp up the background, or detail out the bird…and the Stork said no, this is more than enough…

And it is.

He is now framed and hanging directly across from me…even when I am looking at my laptop screen, I can see Stork in my periphery vision.  He is always there.

Now, something very funny is I would have told you at least a week or so ago I have never worked with Stork before in my life…but I have been pulling out old journals, going through them, working over things that I don’t like, making things more mine and less teachers and classes that I have taken in the past.

I have never drawn nor painted Stork, to my knowledge….but Stork shows up in many many collages.

I created a collage in response to some shadow work I was doing…the scribble on the side of the facing page says something along the lines of take me to my shadow…and over several other images stands a Stork, yelling and waving his wings, almost as if he is dancing…this piece is nearly a year old…

Four images on this collage, over some painting and doodling…three ocean scenes and a Stork…welcome to my Shadow side…

I have so much work to do…reading about Stork medicine about blew my mind…it is time to get busy.  And that feels good and feels right.

It is about time.

Spectrum Has Begun For 2015

Spectrum 2015 has begun.  The first release was on May 1.

The first thing I do (now, thanks to Radiant Faces with Effy Wild) is I read through the material and I watch all the videos before I begin working on any class.

This small shift has been an incredible boon in my life and in my work, let me tell you.  I used to watch and try to work or watch and take notes, instead of just experiencing the work set before me.

I was a part of Spectrum 2014.  Spectrum 2015 is completely downloadable, which is such a blessing on so many levels.  Spectrum 2014 was not.  I downloaded everything I could, but with everything that was not downloadable, I took notes, detailed and vivid notes, with scribbles and random wanna-be doodles all over the place, so I would remember what I was seeing on the video or hearing on the recording.

I missed doing so much of the work of Spectrum last year because I was too focused on making sure I took notes, because I understood the inherent value of this work—I knew it was the work I needed—it went into the places I needed—and still need—to go.  I knew I would be coming back, working some lessons over and over again.  But in the moment, the fear of losing everything, never being able to have that information again, was an overwhelming fear.

Last year was a rough year for me.  It was my first year of taking online classes…and I took a lot of classes.  I had to make sure I gave each class adequate attention.  Many classes with fully downloadable content or online content with lifetime access was downloaded or skimmed—and then left to sit until I could come back around.

I am still upset I missed the class participation of several of those classes.  They meant quite a bit to me when I signed up…but between life, depression, CFS, toddler, and everything else…some things had to be set down for awhile.  I get that.  I understand that.  I am actually as ok with that as I can be.  But still…I mourn the loss of what could have been with some of those classes.

So, back to Spectrum.  I watched the videos and listened to the audios for this first installment of Spectrum – and I love the work being presented…but the one thing I was truly called to do was to go back to Spectrum 2014, pull my notes, listen to the introduction for the first offering, called Opening…and engage in that work.

And it felt good.

I do not have a chosen art journal prepared for Spectrum this year.  I have a number of hand-made journals that I have decided to use for various classes until they are all full.  Such is the issue when you make journals with so many pages in them.  No one told me that if you are making a hand-bound journal for a particular class that maybe you should only make it big enough to hold all the pieces from that class.  The way I work isn’t like that.  I go back and forth.  I do the piece from the class.  Sometimes I do that piece several times.  I practice.  I change things.  I do something completely different.  I never know.  Bigger is better for me, when it comes to pages in a book.  I am having fun—what else does it matter?

Throughout the year, and who knows for how long after that, I will be posting pieces from Spectrum, both 2014 and 2015.

Last year, I was a neophyte.  I look back at some of the pieces I did for Spectrum in 2014 and I shake my head.  I can see exactly what teacher I was working with in other areas of my life in many places.

Now, I have a firmer grip on who I am and what I want to do in my work.

That feels good.


Here is the first piece I did.  The original video in Spectrum 2014 by Hali Karla was about creating a cover for your Spectrum art journal.  What I did here was take a journal from a different class that I had never finished working in…I believe I finished the class, but not the journal.  This was not an art class, although there were ways to express yourself creatively and with collage—so that is what this journal was about.  I took the front page spread that listed the class information with some collage and whatnot…and I re-worked the entire thing.

Dictionary pages.  Water soluble crayons.  Graphite crayons.  Conte pencils.  And I should have stopped there, but I kept going because it felt good.  The trees with the white flowers…I really liked the original background…not enough of it peeks through.  But—it is what it is…

And then — there is the word…Awaken…

For Spectrum 2014, my guiding word was Open.

Now, to Awaken…

The Sleeper must awaken…