What Is Your Real Message?

First of all, let me just say, I am not anti-veganism. I am in no way against Christianity — or any other religion. These are merely two examples that I myself saw in a ten-day period and that is why I am using them in this article. These are my opinions, my experiences, and my observations. If the words that follow bother you in any way—please stop and do some personal inquiry so that you can figure out why what I am saying triggers you. Seek any help you need in finding those answers that lie within yourself. Do something to help you understand you better…and maybe that small step will completely revamp your world and bring you closer to the person you purport yourself to be.

I saw something, while skimming online, something on facebook, or some article link in a sidebar somewhere, that made me stop and think, but not in the way the article in question wanted me to think.
It was an article, a blurb, a something about meat is murder, veganism is good. The intent behind the argument set was that as a peaceful being, eating another living creature is cruel and horrible and all of that. The intent of the message was love and peace. A good message, I agree.
However, the accompanying photos showed me piles of dead animals being processed for food. Blood dripping, meat hanging on hooks, mutilated faces with eyes bulging. Thanks for that. It is the stuff of nightmares and Holocausts.
Let me ask you, what is so wrong with presenting a message of peace and love—from a space of peace and love? What is it that you think you are accomplishing by thrusting forward a message full of hatred and anger and pain in order to preach love and kindness? Why do you need to brutalize the very people you are trying to draw to your side?
It’s not a vegan thing, this article. That just happened to be something that triggered me this past week.
I can open any news browser and point out so many incidents of this same caliber for many different areas. But I won’t—because that is a kettle of worms that I do not wish to get into.
I will give you one other example.
Christians are held to ten laws handed down by God—one of those commandments is “Love Thy Neighbor.”
How can you love your neighbor when you are so busy worrying about what they wear, what color their skin is, who they are sleeping with, what their infirmities are…yada yada yada.
A prime example of what I see on a daily basis with these Christians who supposedly uphold these ten commandments every day –and I do want to say I am not purposely singling out Christians…I just don’t get a lot of Buddhists or Hindus or Muslims slamming me around on a daily, telling me that I am going to Hell because I don’t believe in exactly the same way they do—and that is the real kicker with which I continue to get hit by many self-purporting Christians…if I don’t do exactly as they do, if I don’t say exactly as they say, if I don’t believe exactly as they believe, no matter what label to which I attach myself, then I am not one of them and I am to be scorned and hated…which is the direct opposite of what the laws their God has set before them say.
My example is … a trip to the book fair. There were many tables full of books to peruse. The tables were labeled with tall signs. The science fiction table…which was also part of the self-help and philosophy table, no less…was very crowded. Conversation abounded at this table. I had no trouble saying, excuse me, and being allowed to see what was on the table. Most of the time, I didn’t manage to say excuse me before someone made room for me.
The religion table also had a great crowd, with some wildly offensive conversations going on, as there were Jewish texts, Buddhist texts, and others being literally thrown around by the ‘good’ Christians wh were checking out biblical works, bibles and other Christian material. Trying to even look over someone onto the table was hazardous. It was at this table, as I tried to move by without bumping into anyone, that I was shoved, and elbowed, more than once. Not by everyone there, but there was no gentle respect given as there was at every other table at that fair. These people at the religion table were rude, nasty, and selfishly guarding the books on the table as they went through book by book, page by page. Dragons are kinder when guarding their treasure hoards from the knights sent to slay them, I tell you.
Again I ask you—what is it that you seek if you swear you spread a message of love and peace, of loving your neighbor as commanded by your God, if all you show as an example to the world is hate and judgment and attitudes that are set up to exclude any and every other being in the world that is not exactly like you? What is the point of pretending that you are loving and kind and peaceful when your message is – I hate you because you are ____ — fill in the blank with: a skin color, a religious affiliation, a sexual orientation, a disease (Autistic, paraplegic, Chronic Fatigue, so on), female or male, riding donkeys, living with a cat, buying 2% milk, living in a car, living in a yacht, living in NY, living on the street…whatever it is…whatever your judgment is.
Love is love… the rule you swear you follow is love your neighbor as directed by your God—and yes, every major world religion has something in its doctrine about loving your neighbor, every single one…but does every single individual of every individual sect or religion claim to be the leading example of all that is good and pure in that religion? No, of course not.
But if you are saying you are sending out messages of love and peace, why is it necessary to push an agenda of anger, hatred, bias, murder, and whatever other nasty business is used to push forward a message of peace that is by no means peaceful…why do you do it?
Why is peace alone not enough? Why is love alone not enough? Why do you have to hurt people in order to force them to come around to seeing that love is the way to go?
The problem we are facing in this society is that a pile of dead animal bodies waiting to be chopped into smaller pieces to be sealed in plastic and sent to stores for consumption is the face of a peaceful gentle message, and that message is accepted as ‘peaceful’.
The problem we are facing in this society is that many harmful words, actions and laws are being enacted, things that destroy lives, families and souls, things that separate one person from another instead of bringing them together in love and compassion, and they are being enacted in the name of Godliness, in the name of peace and love and tolerance,. and that message is accepted as such.
You cannot speak tolerance while acting intolerant.
You cannot speak peace while acting violent.
You cannot speak love while acting hateful.
Words are one thing and they do mean a great deal—but everyone knows actions speak so much louder than words.
What is your true message? What are your actions saying? Are they supporting your words, or negating them?
Next time you want to reach out and bring someone towards your message of love and peace and compassion, why not instead of just saying the words, you create actions that mirror those words, instead of reflecting hate and anger and prejudice?
That is where the real change will come…when your words and your actions meet and where they agree on the message you are sending.
Thank you for listening.


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Tabitha Low

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