Working on The Initiate Program

So, I am working on a spiritual development program called (tentatively, this is the working title) The Initiate Program.

I will be talking about this program periodically for who knows how long.  This is basically the culmination of all my work and studies since I was about ten years old.  It incorporates other ideas, other workshops, other courses and many other … things … into a single program.

The original focus of this program was to be one year in length.  Now, that is going to be two years.

There will be options to take the first and second year, to take only the first year, to take different elements of the program as I create individual programs within the program—but all of that is coming on down the line.

It is going to take me at least a year to work through and create…so there is no rush if you are interested.  I will release more information as it becomes available.

I will not put a release date on this program yet, because the second I do that, everything in the world will become more important than me working on this program.  It never fails.  I am not a writer nor an artist that does well with deadlines.  Give me a deadline two weeks before you need whatever done and I promise I will have it done…as soon as that deadline passes…something about my Muse and me…when work better when the deadline has come and gone.

Anyway, I am working with my mentee (and best friend) Tracy to develop this program…this program will have many components: written work, videos, audios, all sorts of stuff.

So I sat down and started to try to type up the introductory part of this work…and the harder I tried to type it up, the more my head hurt—literally…I finally had to stop and just lay down for a bit—which actually mutated into a nap…which was not a bad thing at all for me.

When I woke up, I was prepared to fight my way through typing again…when it hit me, clear as day—stop trying to type it and WRITE it out…use a pen, use your hand…and write.

When I started writing – years ago…I always wrote by hand…my best and most favorite piece to date is The Raven Journey.  I hand-wrote this entire thing…and it should have stayed that way—but I caved – I didn’t want anyone to have issues reading what I wrote—as the text danced over the pages, among other things…plus, I did not want to be accused to copying anyone else’s way of doing things…

I still to this day regret typing Raven up and I wish I had left her as she was…but that is water under the bridge…the original is long-shredded and sent to the worm bin as bedding.

Now…I know…I will hand-write the pieces of this course that want to be hand-written.  Not all of them will be…but some will.  I am learning –yet again—to stop and to listen and to trust what my Intuition and what my Muse are saying to me…