Art Journal Peek

I pulled out an old partially used art journal weeks ago and have been working in it ever since.

There is plenty of blank space to use–but I find myself returning to the old work in this journal and reworking it–or working over it…

Not every single page…but quite a few.

This is one of those pages where I just worked over everything.



I know I have spoken of Jes Gordon‘s Spectrum 2014 offering, Release and Reclaim.

I frequently use this technique now to work with my body’s own wisdom…

I have been having issues with my hands for a while now, one more than the other, so I sat down to dialogue with it.

This is the final result:


I find this spread interesting on many levels.

For one, the hand with which I began the piece remained…it shifted a bit, but it remained.  Typically when I do this process, the body part in question vanishes beneath layers of paint and arty goodness.

It is a mandala.

The Heart is referenced.

Are those flowers–or flames?

And the message itself…this too was the original sentiment that came out in the first layers…and it is the only sentiment that remained once everything came to completion.

Very interesting.

Painting The Feminine

I was so excited to be a part of Connie Solera’s Painting the Feminine class.

This is one of those classes that, if you let it, crawls up inside under your skin and slowly begins to permeate not just your art, but your entire life…

It is an on-going process, a developing relationship with the Feminine…

I love that the energy, that the relationship, slips into everything…

During the class, I had two actual journals dedicated to this course…as well as a canvas that claimed to want to join the party at some point.

The canvas is still sitting there, all reds and pinks, reclaimed for other projects that — went elsewhere…

The one journal–with its first page gessoed and ready to go–has been returned untouched to the shelf from which it came.

The other journal has some art and some poetry–but the empty untouched pages far outnumber the touched ones.

Painting the feminine arrived on loose sheets of paper.  It reached into, I think, every single journal that I was working on in one form or another.

This course spilled out and flowed into everything that I did and everything that I touched…

Here are a few of the images I created during the class itself…

watermarked-artimg808 watermarked-artimg822 watermarked-artimg824 watermarked-artimg885 watermarked-birth within watermarked-inner flame watermarked-within the rootedness

Even though the class has ended…the work continues…more to come…

Today Is Summer Solstice


Do you know what today means for me?

Right now?  Right here?

It means my new website had better be done or I am in a great deal of trouble with myself for missing my deadline.

Come visit My Other Alyce, right here.

Tell me what you think.  There is a contact tab at the top of the page.  Click there and fill in the blanks…hit send….and soon I will be reading it.

So, why the change?

For so long, everything I did was lumped in with and onto the back of the family business, the family website.

Please do not get me wrong.  I am still present there on that website…but I felt two strong reasons for breaking myself apart from the family business.

The first is: I can feel these huge shifts coming in the next year or two for the family business and I wanted the website to represent more of the whole family rather than a website that looked more like a whole bunch of my stuff with some of their stuff thrown in on top for good measure…

The second is: I can feel some mighty big shifts coming for me in the next year alone that make me want to be sure that I have my own space so that my family and I are not confused, so that I can stand on my own two feet, and so that I can offer what feels to me more genuine and sincere offerings.  I am not negating anything I have done in the past few years, but I have shifted already…and I know more shifts are coming, because I am still deep within the work that I am doing…

I need a website that can stand on its own, without any extra interference or hey, look over here at me stuff…I need to represent me, just me, not myself within the family.

Hopefully that makes sense.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the near future.

I hope you come along and join me on this wild ride.