Newsletter Update

You would think that with the family website and with my own website, I would want to create a newsletter to help draw people in and keep them up to date about what is going on where and with whom in the grand scheme of things.


When we release something or do something cool over on the family site, I will more than likely say something about it here.

Ditto for when something happens on my own website–or when Evangeline does something cool on her blog.

You are encouraged (and ever so much appreciated) to follow this blog and Evangeline’s blog, but it is not a requirement.

We do have a facebook page for the family business so you can like us and follow all of us there.

This is just to let you know…as of right now, I have completely let go of the need for newsletters.

Both Evangeline and I (at this time) prefer to focus on our blogs and on our own work, rather than shifting focus, sending out missives, though we love them, that take us away from our real work and our true purposes.

We hope you continue to follow along.