Primitive Faces

Tania Bain has given us a most amazing class via Jeanne Oliver’s site…a class called Nature’s Canvas.

Before I say anything else, I want to point out that the focus of this class is: gathering sticks, stones and leaves to paint faces on so that you can take your stick, stone and leaf back into the forest or along the trail and release it back into the wild.

I cannot imagine a better methodology of paying it forward than this.

The idea is so amazing, so powerful…I love it.

Now…Tania teaches, so clearly and with a wonderful attitude and joy, how to create three types of faces: whimsical, realistic and primitive.

I actually signed up because I was interested in learning more about creating primitive faces than anything else.

Tania takes you through each style of face, first on a piece of paper…and then on a piece of wood…
She teaches you how to prepare the wood for paint…and how to seal your work once you are done in order to protect it…

The techniques I learned in this class were … oh, I cannot say enough good things…

But—this class also piqued my desire to create and explore more primitive faces.

Expect to see more little primitive girls peeking out here and there.

In case you don’t know what a primitive face is…it is minimal facial detail, minimal detail and shading…primitive…but these little things are so … amazing and so open for exploration…

I already have the basis for a new journal ready to bind together … with the intention that this journal will be for practicing primitive faces for the next 30 or so days…

I will let you know how this turns out.