Documented Life Project Check-In

Oh man…I was so excited to start this journey this year…

I am using an altered composition journal…and next year if I do this project again, I will not … the lines underneath, the bubbling and rippling…I don’t like it…it’s just me…

I wanted to let you know…my comp journal is growing big and fat…even though I stopped doing anything at about week twenty.

Why? Because I completely lost interest in the prompts. I mean, even pushing to find some sort of anything…I totally lost it.

Now…there are videos from the guest artists that I just love…but even then, the prompts themselves inspired absolutely nothing in me.

I am not disparaging the documented life project. Not in any way. I still love it. I still show up every week, checking out every post associated with the challenge given…

But ever since about week twenty…I have been unable to connect in any way with the prompts.

I think the last time I went to that journal – I managed to play with paint a bit and pull together something completely unrelated to that particular week’s prompt…and I tried to do that with other weeks as well…but I cannot do it …there is just something there….I would like to tell you it’s a block…but it’s not…

I am just not interested.

I cannot find, force or make a connection to any prompt, technique…not even to a color or a mark…so I stopped trying…

I still show up every week. I still look at every post, every guest artist. I still enjoy watching and looking and reading.

I have simply stopped guilt-tripping myself for not being able to create a connection when there [is none.

At some point, some week, maybe that connection will re-appear and something will click…which would be terrific.

Until that happens, I get to be an interest lurker and not much more than that.


4 thoughts on “Documented Life Project Check-In

  1. Carrie Lynn says:

    I hope you find that connection soon. A friend of mine recently said she also lost interest with the prompts. I think she stopped before week 20 and just concentrated with other projects. I am still doing the prompts and there were weeks that the prompts did not resonate with me but still I try to make something.


    • Tabitha Beck says:

      Jeanne Oliver Guested a few weeks ago–to show you just how far behind I am…and that got my juices flowing again…but I have turned my attention to so many other things…I haven’t made the time to get back around to it…it figures I post about how not engaged I am and I begin to get engaged again…I did try to do something every week for a few weeks…and then I just couldn’t…so maybe it is time to hop back in a bit… thank you 🙂


      • Carrie Lynn says:

        I hope that you’ll be able to get going in no time. I saw Jeanne’s video too and she is awesome. Doing many projects at a time can really bring out the creative juices in us but sometimes it also drains us out. I am going through those moments like a roller coaster ride. The weekly prompts at DLP helps a lot but not always. Just as long as you are creating, that is always wonderful.


      • Tabitha Beck says:

        Thank you…and ya know, this week’s DLP was a good one for me too…so maybe things are looking up in that arena again…if I make the time to start working in that journal again…I can’t let the blank pages get to me 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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