In The Heart Of The Wild Wood…

Once upon a time, I had a really Bad teacher. I have spoken about her before—she gave me the greatest gift—if ever I have a choice to make I always think about what she would do in that situation—and I do the exact opposite—that has never failed me.

She was very insistent that all her students work with Tarot or Oracle decks.
I’ve also spoken about that particular deck that I bought in that context…it is the reason I stopped working with Tarot decks and Oracle decks.

In case you haven’t heard the story (which has nothing to do with the Bad teacher), the quick version:
When I was told to find a Tarot/Oracle deck to work with way back when, I was immediately drawn to the Celtic Dragon Tarot.

Please note: I have been working with Tarot and Oracle cards since I was about thirteen…I had let the practice go during my marriage…not because the ex didn’t approve, but because he made it all too weirdly intense for me – I’ll just leave it at that…
So, I loved those Dragon cards.
My best friend at the time was also called to those cards.
He (the best friend) had his own weirdly intense girlfriend at the time.
I had never before had any issues letting other people touch my decks. The person was looking to learn how to use the cards.
She pushed my deck—in one night, over maybe an hour or two, she pushed my deck so hard to give her the reading that she wanted that deck to give her, to give her the response she wanted despite the fact that it was not going to happen no matter what, that that is the only reading that deck gave forever more.

Trust me—I smudged my deck. I cleared my deck. I buried the deck in salt. I used crystals. I buried the deck in the Earth. I did all of that, more than that, and did it all over and over and over again. For years. For over five years…if not more…
That deck had been corrupted.

Eventually I handed the deck to my best friend—long after that girlfriend vanished– and he disposed of them…and gave me his deck, since he was no longer as interested in using them—and since we had both used the Celtic Dragon Tarot…it seemed a fair exchange. (Nope, I don’t use his deck…only because I lost the taste for that style and energy…)

Eventually, I moved on to a new dragon deck…the Oracle of the Dragonfae…but that too is another story…

I had moved from doing readings for other people using Tarot and Oracle cards…to cleaning out my Tarot stash and whittling down the decks I have to those I use on a regular basis for me.

Until recently…

I do not remember what I searched for on amazon that brought up a Tarot deck recommendation…but as soon as I clicked on that link, just to look at the artwork, because wow, the artwork on some of these whimsical decks these days is so incredible..

Then, it came up…The Wild Wood Tarot.
I have never in my life ever been hit with that rush of wind, taking my breath away, soul fire ignition…BOOM…
And…they fit all the criteria that I had to keep in mind—from cost, to filling out an order I was already making, to … just blowing me away…not to mention, John and Caitlin Matthews are revered in my little realm here…so I ordered the deck.
Interestingly, one of the first things that happened when I laid my hands on this deck was the message that under no circumstance was I to use it to read for other people…this deck was for my own personal use and edification only.

Just because I had chosen not to use my other decks to read for other people doesn’t mean that at some point I could not or would not—this deck, it gave no leeway…and I am good with that.

The other big thing that happened because of this deck…I ran to my computer and emailed my best friend, who is always my go to Tarot person (and yep, she does readings too—email her and ask) and asked her if she had any courses for Tarot …

While I waited for her to respond…it hit me…I had to develop my own course – although I was willing to work through any class my friend had to offer…I knew what I wanted … I knew what I needed…so … I wrote it up…just the bare bones…but I have it…

Later on, my daughter found an oracle deck that called to her (another long story with that one) … and I found some exercises to add to the course that I created…

What does this mean to you?

I am about to offer a new class…a Tarot/Oracle Card class.

This will be a class open to all levels involved with Tarot or Oracle decks…and this class works with any deck.

This workshop will not teach you how to read your cards or how to lay down various spreads. It is about developing a deeper relationship with your cards. This class takes you into a different space with your cards, opening you up to other possibilities, other messages, other meanings.

I am still putting the finishing touches on the basics of the course. I think I will be creating some examples for you to see as well—but that depends on which exercises I keep and which ones I release.

I will let you know as soon as I have details more clear.

I can’t wait to show you this new course.