October Will Be Here Soon

Every October you will find my best friend and I, and maybe a few select other participants, posting scary intriguing little bits of something on the Sisters In The Shadows site. We share artwork, stories, poetry…whatever weird and creepy stuff floats our boats at the time.

I really did not mean to step into doing a ‘theme’ for every year.

But then…it happened…last year, I wrote thirty-one little vignettes, all based upon the titles of Alfred Hitchcock movies. No, I still have not seen all the movies in questions. No, my vignettes have nothing at all to do with the movies themselves. And no—I thought I had released the booklet of all the vignettes together last year, but it does seem as if I forgot to do that…so I will make sure (knock on wood) that I remember to do that this year.

I also have a list of: Duran Duran song titles, Stevie Nicks song titles, Stephen King book and story titles…to name a few of my favorite things…I started working on the Duran Duran stories alongside the Hitchcock ones…and trust me, they have a paranormal edge…but not a Halloween edge…yeah, these particular stories are more…romantic in nature, shall we say?

Yet, I digress…lol…

For some reason, when I planted this little nugget as a hint of what was to come…something inside me became to clamor to be heard…and it came back, refrain after refrain after refrain: I am NOT Alice! Over and over again…I heard…I am NOT Alice…and after awhile…I turned to the voice in my head…and asked, so who are you and what do you want…

And I fell in love with the concept very quickly.

But of course, I love Alice anyway…so it was just a matter of time she take over my entire world.

So, this year, I shall be creating thirty-one inter-locking tales of Not Alice (because this is as much detail as I have at the moment)…and perhaps there will be some artwork thrown in as well…

I will be handling these stories the way I have handled themes in the past…I will not post all thirty-one tales. I will only post a certain number throughout the month—I do have to give other people a chance to be heard as well, you know…but then I will release the entire series together for sale after October has passed, hopefully sooner than I released last year’s series.

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See you there in October…although, ya know, we do post there throughout the rest of the year as well…


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