29Faces Share (Six Faces)

There is just no way I can create a piece and post it the same day–not without going completely crazy…so I will post randomly…when I have enough to make it worth my while.

I would love to say, hey, I am creating one face a day–but … nope…I have three kids…two dogs who are both worse than the kids…and a gerbil all alone in his task of taking over the world (long story…Pinky lost his Brain…and seems much happier…anyway…)

I’ll get there when I get there.  🙂

Today–I do have something to share…and in no particular order …

Face #1:

6in x 4-1/2in wood panel


Face #2:

in 3in x 5in journal

watermarked-girl on red

Face #3

in 3in x 5in journal


Face #4

in 3in x 5in journal


Face #5

roughly 10in x 7in smash book


Face #6

5in x 8in Dylusions journal

watermarked-you are worth saving

I have one more face drying at the moment…

I don’t do just one face at a time.

I sketch one face, usually using charcoal, water-soluble graphite or stabilo marks all pencl…then I use gesso or white paint to use the mark marker to create shadows and depth as I fill in the face and hair  as if preparing the surface before I start really painting–which I guess is really what I am doing.

While that is drying, I might work on creating another background…or maybe I’ll sketch another face.  Some days I might just prep pages…or maybe just sketch faces.  I do try not to do the gesso layer on more than one face at a time…because sometimes I get antsy/bored/whatever and over-paint the marks and lose too much of what I meant to keep.

Color can be added in many different ways.  Many of the above pieces were done over clear gesso…so there was a lot of colored pencil going on…because I have found I love colored pencil and clear gesso’s relationship with one another.

I also use a variety of paints, oil pastels, Caran D’Ache water-soluble crayons…to name what I have used in the past few days…

I try to work on at least two faces at a time, so I have a good reason to leave one alone to dry…otherwise, I will overwork a piece and overwork it…and get fed up…and then…collage over it…which sort of what happened with face # 6…she started out as something COMPLETELY different… I was trying out a new style…and found out…after about 2 days of trying to make it work…that that is not my style…so…collage covers a lot more permanently than gesso…

That’s my story and I am sticking to it…

More faces soon…