Words From My Inner Wise One…

Relate 2015 is an incredible experience for me this year.

On our first inhale, I took to a journal that I created last year for…who knows what reason.  I know I was inspired to start this journal because of Spectrum 2014…but I didn’t really use this journal for that work.

I did use it for Relate last year…and I used it for a variety of other purposes and classes…

One thing that happened in this journal was … purposeful intuitive doodling.

Now, I doodle–I always have–on everything, all the time, everywhere…I will draw on napkins in restaurants for no real reason other than they are there…it doesn’t hurt I always carry crayons in a baggie in my purse either…toddler placation materials…lol…

I inadvertently learned a new way to allow myself to be free while doodling…during the circle calls for Relate last year.  Each time there was a call, I would grab this journal and a nice big fat lyra graphite crayon–sometimes water-soluble, sometimes not.  I would sit on the calls, listening, and allowing my hand, my arm, to move the crayon over the page, page after page…sometimes I would go back and add water to some of the images later…sometimes not.

This is where the courage to do this same technique during Cat Caracelo’s Twelve Nights Of Solstice came from…I originally got some pretty interesting imagery–a lot of phoenix and dragon type critters–with Relate…some day I will show work from both workshops…

Anyway…after 2014’s Twelve Nights Of Solstice, I put this journal (called Threshold) and the companion journal I used with it, away “somewhere safe” –which means I have not had a CLUE where these journals had gone all year–until this past week-end–when I did some cleaning and organizing…and there they were safe and sound, nestled together…under a desk…for whatever reason…I don’t ask–I smile and nod and go with whatever comes up…it’s all I can do some days.

I was actually quite happy to find this journal…both of them really–but the finding of Threshold just before I wanted to use a journal for Relate was a real blessing.

I had planned to just use my every day journal (called Ocean–yes, I name everything)…and then…it just didn’t feel right…but it felt very right when I pulled Threshold out…and that was perfect.

The prompt question asked was basically what does my Inner Wise One want me to know?

I got hit with the answer very quickly…very clearly…

So…I found this nice pre-done background in Threshold…that I had to carefully peel open, since I had used gel medium at some point and slathered it all over these two pages and they were pretty much stuck together and stubborn to release one another…perfect…

Once I had the spread open, I used water-soluble crayons to write the message…over and over and over…both pages of the spread, yes, on top of the gel medium.  I then used a little white paint and a lot of water to dissolve the crayon…then I pressed the two pages together and rubbed them together.  I opened them back up and that was it there.

I had to wait overnight — for it to dry, yes, but it also took me awhile to find some time to sit with the spread.

The original image that came to mind was one head/face, with many smaller faces (maybe five, maybe seven) throughout the hair, representing the maternal lineage, in different directions.

That’s not what happened.

First I doodled these random marks all over the page in neon pink paint pen.

Then, hours later, I took a graphite pencil and doodled in my usual leaves and stems…

Then came the robed figure…and later, as in hours later, came the face…with her hair all around the robed figure.

I sketched everything in with a black stabilo marks all pencil.  I didn’t want to lose too much of the background, so I used a thin coat of white paint to pull out the face and the features…but when that was done…she didn’t want all that much more.  So I used colored pencil to color in the eyes and the mouth.  I added the lights to the eyes with a white paint pen…and added a little touch here and there for accents.

I painted her hair out…I relish those brush strokes for her hair…I love that look.

Then there is the Old Wise Woman in her hair…I used the same techniques with this Woman as well.  It is she who carries the message of this piece, written on her cloak in white gel pen.

watermarked-relate 2015 Wisdom

I am looking forward to this sort of inquiry with Relate…and in other areas of my life…it feels really Good and … it feels empowering … to do this work.