The She Who Series Continues…

Remember all those faces I sketched and added initial layers to way back in April of this year, when I had that disastrous ‘lost weekend’ away from the family (the one where being away–with a working bathtub–was heavenly–but the stress of returning home made it so horrible I won’t/can’t do it again)…I finished about 17 of them around the time of their creation…I have at least that many sitting here waiting to be finished.

The problem is…I don’t work the same way as I did in April any more.  I mean, not even close.

I hadn’t realized it until a few weeks ago…I have had the stack of unfinished pieces on the back of my desk, where I could see them, so I would not completely forget about them…

Lately the urge to finish the series (and be done with it) has been coming up…but I kept putting it off, even after thumbing through them now and then to see if one wanted to be finished.

Nope.  Nothing.

I could not figure out why.  Until…last week, I picked one up…one I considered more of a throw-away…I didn’t really like the initial drawing…but I know a piece is not done until it is done.

I do not have the original of that first one to show you … I didn’t think to document this part of my journey…until I started working on the second one.  If you follow me on instagram, you will see the before (initial layers done back in April) and then an after — which is the first new layer of whatever I put on her (usually charcoal or stabilo…and either gesso or paint)…

I finished two She Who girls … and am currently working on a third.  I am loving where they are going now.

These portraits are going to places I never could have imagined going way back in April.

I am looking forward to finishing off all the remaining girls…and clearing that series off my plate…making room for something new…


She Who Blooms In Her Own Light

(she looks much better in person…darn scanner)


She Who Knows The Way

I will post more as I finish them.

At the end, maybe I will create a little video vignette with all of them for you.