29 Faces Check-In

Didn’t expect this today, did ya?

But I love this…

Faces 23? to … uhm, 31… 🙂

This one is an old sketch on a 4in x 6in postcard that I did forever ago.  I decided now was a good time to finish her.


This one was actually fun and is more minimal than you think.  This is a spread that started as smears and blots of paint from other work.  All I did was add in the facial features and a tiny bit of shading…the ‘skin’ was already there.


This is a crop of my Equinox spread.


This is the face of the first full mermaid I have done in a long time.  There is a story about this one; I’ll tell you some other time.


This is a second mermaid close-up.  On canvas board.  Oh, there will be many many more mermaids coming…


Sketch book playing, creating shapes without sketching them in first.


This is part of my Full Moon Spread…which is coming this Monday…


Playing with paint, minimal palette, in my 8in x 5in journal.

watermarked-brown hair

This is my truly minimal piece today.  Gesso and charcoal.  A little color on the lips.  Indigo for a tiny bit of shading on the face and in the hair.

watermarked-minimal raven