Prayer Painting

In this post, I gave you a video of the walk-through of the first layers of my prayer painting for this year’s Relate with Hali Karla.

I have a second video of the next layer of this painting:

However, there is no third video showing the next steps that I took after completing the above video.

I got stuck after I finished that video, that second layer.  There was a huge resistance in me.  I showed up to my table every day, camera at the ready to videotape…and I could think of nothing–I could do nothing.

I pondered falling back into just scribbling, just adding texture, maybe collage…but none of it felt right.  What I wanted was to grab charcoal and create the focal point of this piece.

It took me a bit to realize–it was the idea of filming that was holding me back.  For some reason, with this prayer painting, my brain decided, my heart decided, this is sacred…too sacred to video tape.

So I put away the camera.  I grabbed some vine charcoal.  I drew out the focal image.  I did have to have a conversation with myself, because I very much felt like drawing a mermaid here…but I knew that this piece was not calling for a mermaid, not calling for a Queen from the Sea.  What I wanted here, what I needed here … was a Queen, yes, but one of Stardust and Earth…and that is what I drew.

I smudged in the charcoal with a light layer of gesso…and then for some reason I still cannot comprehend…I filled in all the space of the focal point…face, hair, body, details…with yellow paint.  The same yellow paint all over, even though in places it looks like different variants of yellow shades.

She has been sitting and waiting since that point, waiting for my heart to embrace her message, before I can continue on.

That time is coming.  Photographs will be coming.  When I am called.



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