The Month Of Ancestral Connections

October is the month when the Veils between the Worlds become thinner.

Those who have passed over find themselves staring at a plate set at the table, waiting to be seated and have yet another meal with you, year after year.  Or at least they do at my house.

I have been working on a piece for a while now.  This part of the project is complete.  However, as soon as I finished it, I felt as if there were something missing.  Other than a vast number of colors that the scanner I use does not pick up at all for some reason.


For example, that scrummy pink you see that looks so dull here is truly a bold vibrant neon pink that you can’t miss and that when I added it I thought it would overwhelm everything.  Here, you can barely even see it.

I always felt the background needed more, until after trying to push that background for two weeks and finding it impossible to add anything…I stopped and I called the piece done.

Which is when I heard the message that there were two other pieces to be done and that I would be creating a triptych of the three images.

This is my Great Grandma Edna.  I never met her.  She died in 1965.

This woman has been talking my ear off in my dreams for years and I thought she was a different Gramma.   Then my mom sent me the picture — and a lot of things began to clear up for me.

The two other pictures will also be of Ancestral women of my family: my Great Grandma Jean, for whom I am named (my middle name)…and my Gg…Granny…everyone else in the family will understand what the initials are for.

I am waiting for a photograph of one to arrive from my mother.

The other, I have had this picture of one for a long long time.  I have it framed and normally it would be up on my wall with pictures of other family members, but since we’ve moved in here, many of the things I have held sacred and dear to my heart have been taken down and hidden away for one reason or another. This picture, and the other family pictures, is just one thing on a long list.

I know I put them somewhere safe, but I don’t have any idea where that is.  When the time comes for me to work up that piece, I am sure the picture will surface.

I know that the backgrounds of these pieces is not all that consequential, except for the process of creating them.  Once I frame everything, there will be little background showing.

This is one of those exciting projects for me.

I’ll keep you updated as it moves forward.


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Tabitha Low

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