The Wounded Mother Series Update

First of all, I have to admit…I do not have a really good photograph of this canvas–and the canvas is way too big to put on the scanner here.  So, here is what you can see, until I get better pics.  Or rather, get someone to take better pics for me.


Yes, this picture was taken out in the sun, because ‘everyone’ always says take your pics out in the sun for the best light.  Yeah–no.  The reds are all washed out.  The browns are all washed out.  Even the yellows are all washed out.  And that’s just the background.

Anyway–enough grumbling.

This piece hangs near my bed.  If I look that direction upon waking, she is the first thing I see every morning.

She has a very powerful message for me.

I won’t share it.  If she has a message for you, listen.  She has a very clear voice and she loves to share.

I have two other canvases dedicated to this particular project.

I have shown bits and pieces of both on instagram before.

After I finished this painting and hung her up, I put the other two  canvases against the wall, out of the way, for a while.  The act of painting each piece is not all the work that I need to do in this journey with this Archetype.

Sometimes I don’t realize I am doing the work until something hits me just the right way and walls I didn’t know I had begin to crumble.  Until the tears hit.  Until the fears hit.  Until the rage and the impotence hit.

I’ve been having one of those moments with this Archetype all this month.

Things have come up that I hadn’t ever thought of before.  Things I thought I had dealt with, in good and healthy ways, are coming back, demanding I deal with them some more–not again–but differently.

There has been a lot of if I could go back, I wish I would have…going on…

I wish…I wish…I wish…and if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, yes?

So…wishes don’t count for much here…

I have some other work to do before I pick up another brush for this particular series.  But I am still working here, in this space, with this Archetype, getting my butt kicked and my boo boos mended, slowly so slowly.  Time does not heal wounds, but having patience until the scab forms over the wounds does help, a little bit, sometimes.

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  1. I love your painting. I’ve had similar problems with taking pictures of larger canvases too. What seems to work for me, is to put the canvas at an angle in muted light. I’ve had much better results when I’ve done that. 😀 Have a lovely weekend!


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