The Sanctuary Of Self Update

If you read here on this page about the Sanctuary project, you will see that I have two levels of involvement with this project.

The first is a year-long committed program.

The second is more of an a la carte program.  You pick the pieces that speak most to you and take those workshops.

I have been mulling and rolling this entire project and all its accompanying processes and pieces around and around in my mind…as I am so wont to do.

I had said that both sides of the program would be ready to roll out in October 2016.  I don’t think that is possible at the moment–even though that is one year away.

What I want to do with Sanctuary and what I am capable of doing right here, right now, in the space that I am in–there is no way at all to make things work so that everyone gets what they want or what they need from the program–nor is there any way for me to put in the time I want and need to put into this program to make it the success I know it can be, that it wants to be.

What am I saying?

Right now, the year-long program is on hold.  I literally, physically, cannot handle that level of commitment for any other number of people right now.

Once we move into a larger space, physically, and things begin to even out here more, then I will open up Sanctuary’s year-long program–as an in-person group.  The details of this are still up in the air–everything here is still up in the air.  But, this will be an in-person group.  Yes, we can and will still meet online.  When the time comes, I will have more details ironed out, at which point I will give you all the information I have.

Until then, I have actually been holding on to a few projects that are well past the outline stage and waiting for different elements to be created before they are ready to release.

As things stand, come January 2016, I will begin releasing individual pieces of the year-long Sanctuary project so that the a la carte portion can take on its own life and make its own way, and perhaps it can entice more people to give it a try before dedicating an entire year or two to the larger project.

I will keep you updated as things move forward.