Sister Spread For The New Moon

If you remember, this is my New Moon spread for this past Tuesday.

Although that spread originally started as a spread where I had smashed in bits and paints from other projects…I spread more paint on purpose over that…and there was left-over paints from those layers…which I spread onto another blank spread in my other (stardust) journal.  Having two journals working in tandem, I have learned, is a terrifically good thing…even though I am dedicated to finishing out my ocean journal…I am steadily working in my new stardust journal as well.


This is that spread that started and was worked along with the New Moon spread…hence, the name of the sister spread…even though they look nothing alike.


This is a pretty big departure for me…but it felt so good to create this spread…

It is not the only abstract-y, random, chaotic no-face-having, no-focal-point having spread I have done lately…


I am reaching a turning point–in my life–in my journaling–in my art making…words are not always enough.  Sometimes having paint and markers and colored pencils and whatever else I have on hand and just moving the colors over the page…that is so amazingly healing and wonderful…let me say that again–it is HEALING…and it doesn’t matter how the end product turns out…because it is the process of creating that opens up some door within me and lets things, I don’t know what, spill out onto the page…where I can work with whatever comes up on different, non-linear non-logical ways.


This spread went somewhere I did not expect…I started it with layers of color from other spreads…covered that with layers of napkins I had used in other projects…and then started writing–the same question over and over and over…filling the page…before hitting the page with more color and collage and patterns…the single word on the page (believe) is the answer to that question…and it is the third time in about a week that word has appeared on a spread…if you look closely at the spread above this one (the green one) –you will see, hidden in the mists, the word believe…it keeps coming up for me…

I can’t wait to see where these new projects, new methods, will take me.



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