Prompt: Anais Nin Quote

“We are like sculptors, constantly carving out of others the image we long for, need, love or desire, often against reality, against their benefit, and always, in the end, a disappointment, because it does not fit them.”


… To Another Spread … Or Two …

I spoke to you in this post about how I did not set out to do a Full Moon spread…and about how I ended up with my Word of the Year for 2016.

Well, then, if that wasn’t my Full Moon spread, I needed to do one.  I needed to create one for me.

Since the Deepen spread was drying in my Ocean journal, I decided to turn to my Stardust journal to create this spread.

I started with water-soluble graphite crayon and I wrote out my prayers and my intentions.  Then I hit it with water…and then something else hit me…

I had forgotten along the way that I made Stardust using the left-overs…of a pad of mixed media paper.  I have become spoiled and accustomed to the nice thick water-color paper in my Ocean journal.  Frankly, outside of the journals now I normally use water-color paper rather than mixed media…I prefer it these days.  It always works for me and I never have to worry.

Well, in Stardust–I am not going to worry–oh, the tricks I have up my sleeves.  Like — collaging every background before I start in order to strengthen the pages…

I digress…

So…my pages buckled when I watered out the graphite.  But, ya know, I was planning to add some collage anyway.  Instead of a little bit, I went to town.  Then–I forgot about it.

Once it was dry, there was paint flinging, stamping, stencilling, doodling, ink drips, splattering…the usual.

Then I saw a form waiting.  I outlined her in paint before adding charcoal outlines.  I knew the face was supposed to be more primitive in this piece. Then, there I scribbled a bit on the other page in pencil.  The focal word also came about there: Away.

I left it to try while I did other things…and when I came back…it didn’t want anything else.  So I left it.

Maybe it was because on some level I was disappointed by my substrate.  Maybe the figure really does feel complete.  I can’t say for sure, because both things ring true.  However, this is the first piece I have done in a very long time where there was an actual JOY in my heart as I went about flinging and splattering and playing.  That Joy hasn’t been awake for quite a while.

Here she is:



Maybe that whisper of disappointment lingered and that is why I chose to do another spread, this time in my Ocean journal.  Maybe it was because I wanted to prolong that Joy and that Contentment creating brought forth in me.

I enjoyed making this piece.

She’s simple.  Her message is so very powerful.