The Whispers Begin…

This art journal spread started out…with no real purpose, no real direction.  I worked on it at random for about four days before I felt like doing much with it.

I keep my art journal out where I can have it open and can just fling paint left-overs and whatever at it as I need to.

This piece started out…as under paper for other pieces I was working on.  I sort of liked where all the colors were going…so I painted the entire spread with a color that would allow the other colors to still show through and still be noticed…a pale translucent yellow.

Then, I walked away for two days.

I woke up the next morning, walked past it carrying the mail for the day.  In my hands was a magazine…which for some reason no matter how many times I tell them, we receive three exact same copies of every month.  I tore out three pictures at random, whatever spoke to me, glued them down with gel medium.

Then, I walked away for a day and a half.

I came back in with some stamping.  My son had colored with wax crayons on some musical scores torn from a book–because if Mama can do it, so can he.  By the way–I painted over the wax crayons.  I used gel medium over the wax crayons.  When I sketched the face on and started to work on her…you couldn’t tell I had anything over that crayon…and I let the stuff dry well overnight before touching it…

I glued some of the crayoned musical score down.  As well as some pretty (and actual) under paper (deli paper).

Then, I walked away from it for awhile.  Before bed that night, I took some white paint, some latte paint and some bright pink paint and randomly smeared it all over the spread for no real reason other than it felt good.

Then, I went to bed…and didn’t get near that journal until bedtime the next night…

Which is when the idea of the profile face hit me.

Profile faces–not my forte–but I am working on them.

She has a minimal color pallet…but the weird thing is the message writ in colored pencil and outlined with more colored pencil and sharpie: I can hear the whispers grow.

It took me over twenty-four hours to start to savvy that one, but eventually some light began to shed down upon it…and it is a good thing…

watermarked-artimg109One thing I can say about this piece is…I rarely if ever leave my collage pieces that untouched — especially images torn from magazines.  I made sure they were altered enough to not violate copyright…but otherwise…they are visible…and if you knew the original image you might be able to make out what they are…I sort of like the way that happened.


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