Revealed: An Intention Setting Art Spread

Remember my collaboration with Ayala Art?

Before I bought the canvas, before anything shipped, just after the initial conversations of what we were going to do together…

I sat down with my art journal to create an intention spread about the collaboration.

I have a tendency to freeze when doing things 1 for other people specifically (will they like it? will it be good enough?) and 2 on a deadline…

I wanted to practice some of the ideas I had floating in my head (Frida Kahlo) and I wanted to make sure that I released all my tensions, fears and monsters in my head onto that page and left them there for when I did the actual piece.

I have a whole set of pictures taken of the spread as it evolved.

Here’s a link to the video:

This is the finished piece.

watermarked-ayala exchange spreadThis piece did not go anywhere near where I had planned it to go.  Yes, there are two faces, a la the Two Fridas…but the ideas I had for the faces (and for making two Fridas, without the blood and gore) — well, this spread had intentions of its own.

I do love where it went.

I actually think the finished piece I did for Ayala looks more like one of Frida’s sisters than Frida…but I am still proud of it.

watermarked-ayala swap to her



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