Oh, The Thinning Veils

Long have I loved the Masque Of The Red Death…and this is where the impetus for this piece came from…even though I didn’t realize that until after I finished and stepped away from it.

This was an easy piece.  I had a lot of fun doing it, more than I would have thought.

The focal point, our skeletal lady in her finery best, is an image from Ephemera’s Garden, one of her freebies.  The background is a simple napkin.  I used charcoal (white and black) and a variety of colored pencils (clear gesso and colored pencils are a win scenario for me)…and voila…

When I stepped back to see what she wanted to say, the words I scribbled down were exactly what I heard.

The words needed no embellishment–as scrawly as they came out.

I love her, right down to the moldy old flowers in her bustle.


And don’t forget…the Veils this Night, They are a’thinnin’…

Beware.  Beware.  (Voice from the film Labyrinth here.)

Happy Hallow’s Eve.




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Tabitha Low

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