I was going through my stacks of lists, ideas, notes and random bits and pieces the other day, trying to find a way to either let go of them or organize them, sort them, include them in an updated master To Do list…which is not to be confused with my daily Most Important Things To Do Today list.

On the edge of one page, there was a simple faceless sketch with some notes alongside of it.  The notes said ” a spider in her hair and a bird house in her soul”.

You know I had to run with that.

I sketched her in a smashbook I had handy, while sitting on the bed next to my three-year-old while he slept.  The next day, I added color.  I started with alcohol markers.  Then acrylic paint.  Then some clear gesso and colored pencils.

I love her.

watermarked-spider in her hair, birdhouse in her soul


She has a sister as well, but I am not done painting her yet.  I’ll post her when she’s done.


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