Embracing The Dead

Recently, I came upon two different emails in my inbox, both suggesting, in their own way, creating something in honor of “our artistic lineage’.

Well, of all the artists that I may claim for awakening and enlivening this spark within me, I chose one of my favorite artists: Frida Kahlo (of course).

This is a paint over collage.  It is outside of my usual comfort zone only because I normally never never put any focal image over the middle of a two-page spread.  Sometimes hair may sweep across both pages, but never has the middle of a face been caught this way before (that I recall).  Normally, if I am doing a paint over collage this large, I do it on a separate loose page.

That said…I never know, when I do a paint over of Frida, where it will go.  My intention was to work in a more realistic manner, per Frida’s own shading and whatnot.  I had planned to create vines and large leaves and a vegetative background.  Then, I got into it.  Frida wanted collage elements.  Those elements, once applied, wanting stamping and other randomness.

watermarked-homage to frida

I am always amazed by what comes up when I do this with Frida.  I am honored.

I set a plate at my table for you, and for all my relations.

I raise my glass in toast.

Blessings to us all.