Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, Effy Wild offered a class called Radiant Faces.

I worked this class in several journals, on separate pieces of paper, various substrates.

I picked up one of those “practice” journals that I used back then and I played on a few pages.  Then I went looking for what was in the journal.

I found one sketch that I had done for the first lesson of Radiant Faces…that I disliked so much that I had painted over the sketch.  I used yellow paint — not at all a thick coat.  The lines underneath showed through the paint and the sketch actually looked so much … better through that paint.  I grabbed a pencil and I corrected the lines and the things that had originally bothered me about the sketch.

Then I used colored pencils and a felt tip pen and created this:

watermarked-artimg112 222


A few pages on in the journal, I had repeated the sketch, aiming for loose and free.

This sketch had not been painted over, but I wasn’t happy with her either.  Enter the eraser and pencil.

Then, I added a base layer of paint for the skin–which ended up being skin, hair and everything else…then added paint for the hair.  I let it dry, as much as I was able…and then used colored pencils to finish her.

watermarked-artimg113 22222

I think I am happier with these two versions of that original piece (I can’t remember what now)–than the piece that I called the real deal for the class itself.

Plus, I had fun with the colored pencils and not filling in every single space, every strand of hair.

I think I need more of this in my life.

There is one other sketch in that journal that I mean to paint out–or add color to in some way.  I sketched out a male mermaid–with a tree.

This was before LifeBook 2015 and Tam did a lesson on drawing males.  I just sort of winger it.  He wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t the greatest either.  I touched up the sketch a little bit–his hair was killing me…male mermaids only need so much hair compared to the female mermaids.  The tree is going to have to take a hike when I show up with paint.  But–I do mean to finish him.

Stay tuned.  I’ll post him when he is done.