Coming Out From Beneath The Shadows

This spread began with … someone else’s artwork.

I found a book of PIcasso’s work at a thrift store.  After I brought it home, I was flipping through it, admiring the artwork, when this piece of paper fell out.

The paper was regular computer paper.  Nothing special.  Someone had written her name on it, in the center of the page, and then doodled within the letters of her name.  Then she wrote and doodled all sorts of things about several of her friends all over the page.

It was cute.  It was personal — which is why I didn’t take a picture and post it here.

I did rip the page into several pieces and glue them onto a blank spread in my art journal.  Which is when I found out all of the ink was water soluble, but since none of that artwork was meant to be the focal point, nor was it meant to really be seen much after I added layers to it, I was fine with that–although I did try to keep major smearing to a minimum.

Then, I added a layer of black paint in between the collaged pieces…which I then smeared all over using a baby wipe–so that a lot of the text and doodles showed through the black, but not everything.  I never want whoever created that piece or someone whose name was on that piece to light upon this spread and say holy ***, that’s me/us…plus, I didn’t really want the naughty language that was here and there to end up in my piece either.

I sketched her face in.  Added hair, which does have a tiny bit of glitter in it.  As soon as I put the paint on for her hair, I started pulling it off, using other pieces of paper that I had nearby that I use for this reason.  This time instead of deli paper, I used musical score paper.  It was handy.  That’s why I used it.

I love the effect on her hair, which is why I didn’t do much else to/with it.

I added layers of orange paint all around to add more interest than just the smeary black.

You can’t see it, but I wrote along the hairlines around her face.  It says Coming out from beneath the Shadows.  You can’t see it in person either, unless you strain really hard…even then, you can’t read it.  Once I sealed her, the words melted into her hair…which I think is just perfect for this piece.