Inspired Intuitive Work

I fell in love with Paivi Eerola during her workshop for 21 Secrets Spring 2015.

I love getting her blog posts in my inbox…they are so happy making.  Her videos are so inspiring.  SHE is so inspiring.

One of the first thing I learned with Paivi is about soft core colored pencils.

Soft core colored pencils?  You mean I had the wrong colored pencils?  I had prismacolor….and I have several sets of different prismacolor colored pencils and yes, you can absolutely buy the wrong kind…the scholar brand for me nearly drove me away from colored pencils for good–but this is me…

Earlier this month, I finally gave in and ordered, after much research because in many places soft core and “regular” colored pencils are not so much differentiated–and I bought some soft core prismacolor colored pencils.  I have to admit–when the box arrived, I still had to do some due diligence to make sure these were the ‘right’ pencils, the soft core ones, because unless you read the small print and details on the box (tin), it wouldn’t never occur to you that these were indeed soft core colored pencils.


I got them…and I started to try to work on some of Paivi’s examples given via her video tutorials (see her blog).

As I worked, thinking of doing an abstract landscape-esque scene…this came out:

watermarked-artimg108To me, this is more of a Painting the Feminine piece…by the time it was through…

It’s not what I wanted.  It’s not what I had planned.

Then I heard the title of the piece: Am I really leaving the safety of my Home for this

Strange title, eh?  Except that is segues nicely into so much of the other work I have been doing…so I am not about to bite the hand of the Muse who feeds me from Her fingertips little morsels such as this now and again.