The Raven Journey 2.0

Years ago, I created a workshop, the very first workshop I ever created, call the Raven Journey.

You can see the original — or the typed up original–here.

Originally, I hand-wrote the entire journey.

The sentences flowed wildly, freely, over the page.

But, you can’t make an e-book out of a hand-written pile of pages, I was told.  So, I ‘cleaned’ it up, typed it up, and sold it on

I no longer sell on lulu.  Not because I had a bad experience.  I had a great experience while using lulu.

I am just moving in different circles at the moment, so letting go of lulu worked for me.

But…I have never been satisfied nor happy with the changes that came from typing this Journey up.  I have always chafed at the nature of it constrained by someone else’s rules of exposure.


I loved the different colors of ink I used originally.  I loved how the text moved, the pictures it made.

Flash forward several years.  (I believe the original Raven Journey was created in 2010, if not earlier.)  Here I am now.  The Raven Journey is frequently on my mind.  It is a Journey I myself take at least once a year, ever since it came into my life.

I have changed.  I have grown.  I have stretched my wings, stretched myself, in ways I never would have seen when I first wrote the Raven Journey.  I have learned so much.

I want to re-write and update the Raven Journey during 2016.

Maybe I will re-write it out by hand again.  I don’t know.

I know I love the stories in this piece.  I love the tasks given.  I love that there is so much work for the reader (for lack of a better term) to do based on where they take the exercises.

I do not want to deconstruct what I have.  I want to expand and ameliorate what is already there.  I want to tidy it up, add to it, pretty it up and give this Journey the wings she surely deserves.

So, this is the announcement.  I am taking said Raven Journey, during 2016, and I am going to spiff her up and turn her into a new bird.  My Raven-Phoenix, if you will.

golden eagle


This is my commitment to the project, stating it here.

I’ll keep you updated on this project as we go along.