Another She Who Girl Done…

You can find all the completed girls in the She Who series here.

Originally, she had antlers.  Originally, she was on her own piece of paper, like all the rest.   But every time I looked at her, she wanted something more, someone else.

Eventually, I tore her face out of the paper into which I had embedded her.  I glued her into one of the smash books I am using as an art journal.

Eventually, I finished her…and this is the result…

Unfortunately…I no longer have her name.  I always write the name of the girl on the back of her page…and, well, the paper I tore her out of is now glued down in a different art journal.  It became the background for another spread.

watermarked-artimg128You’ll notice I didn’t do anything at all to the background.  She is part of an experiment.  I am working to see how I can incorporate my actual journalling process, my hand-written journalling, into my art journalling, in a way that pleases me…and still gets everything onto the page that I need to put onto the page.  So there is plenty of room for me to write all around her.

I’ll tell you about the spread that sprang forth from the torn remnants of her original page…tomorrow…



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