From Beyond The Veils…

This for me is an interesting spread.

I began with collage.  If you read yesterday’s post, I started with the remnants from that girl.

I also used collage elements I created.  I used Citra Solv and an old National Geographic or two to create some interesting collage material.  A note about my perspective on this process.  I followed the directions in the book that i had that suggested I try this technique–it told me to stick thin tissue paper between pages…and somewhere along the line of online research and book, I was told to use a spray bottle for better coverage.

If I ever use Citra Solv again, I am just gonna sprinkle it out from the bottle itself.  I won’t use tissue paper again.  I had some of the liquid left over and I did just that on a different NG magazine and what happened was amazing.

The magazine with the spray bottle and the tissue paper…not so much.

The other thing is…that’s a lot of work for something that I am not really all that interested in.

Please, if you are thinking of trying this, please do.  In my current circumstances with my limited energy levels, this is just too much work for me for not a lot of results.

The pages that did turn out — turned out amazing.  I do have to say that.

Now, I am worrying that I used Citra Solv coated pages in my journal.  What do I have to worry about with a solvent in my art journal?  We’ll see.


I painted a base color.  I collaged bits and pieces.  Torn papers.  Bits of the Citra Solv papers.  I added some other colors of paint.

And then…I walked away and left it to dry overnight.

When I came back in the morning, there was a figure already sitting there waiting to literally be drawn out of the page.

This figure is … different.  Until I finished the face, I thought this was going to be a male.  That jacket was a non-negotiable when I started to sketch and paint.  Even though I might have preferred something with less…structure…more along the lines of what I usually do…this piece was having none of that.

Then, once the face and figure were done…there was that second page…and for some reason, oil pastels called.  By the way, oil pastels, in an art journal…so “lovely” to try and seal…grrr.  But I found a way…after many layers of sealant…

I just let whatever wanted to come up come up…and before I knew it there was a story going on in my head.

If you remember this post about the whispers…well, that conversation is on-going…and I do hear them…and they apparently hear me whispering back as well…

watermarked-samhainThis is also one of those faces that I worked layer after layer after layer of color in various mediums to make sure her skin stood out as different from the surrounding spread…only to have all my work somehow vanish when I hit her with the sealant.  But I like it…it makes her look ghostly…which is sort of the point of this piece…