New Moon

This New Moon has been a very interesting experience.

My toddler is sick with a cold due to the weird weather (icy cold today, nice and warm tomorrow, warm again, the icy again…yada yada)…there is nothing worse than a super-active toddler who is sick…especially this one…although today he was much improved…he was improved because he is getting rid of his germs–by giving them to me…which is how these things work around…

So, I have one art journal spread all about intentions…I wrote my intentions down…I collaged…I painted…I finished it…as far as the spread was willing to go…

watermarked-newmoon 11 15

And as I was letting that spread dry…more ‘stuff’ started to bubble up…new images…new prayers…new ideas…and so…I started a second journal spread in a different journal.  Woo hoo for having two working journals at the same time for these things…

That spread…it’s not quite done yet…between sick toddler and sick mommy…I am working in my usual fits and starts–five minutes here–ten minutes there–finishing when the toddler sleeps…but a sick mommy requires sleep and right now I refuse to push myself to finish things when what I truly need is rest…thank you, Mara, for helping me realize that personal boundary.

So, I will post that spread at some point in the next few days, knock on wood.

However, I have had this little piece of paper floating around my work space (re, the dining room table)…

It began life as a page in a music instruction book.  Then I got my hands on it.  Why I tore this page out of the book, or if it had fallen out on its own, I dunno any more.  This particular sheet of paper began to be used to wipe left-over and extra paint on.  It reached a point where I felt good about what the page looked like.

Then a day or two ago, I sketched out a quick figure…tonight I colored her out with colored pencils…just to bring out the texture of the paint more than anything…she wanted something very subtle and the colored pencils gave me that.

Since I finished her today…I am going to put her in with my New Moon art practice.

Here she is:

She Who Is Emerging From The Mists

watermarked-she who is emerging from the mists