Look This Way…

So, I have been practicing profile faces lately.  I can’t really say why, other than the urge to do it has hit me and I am going with that.

You saw one of the first ones of this recent spate here in this post.

I bought some paper that I was told was amazing to work on.  Now either my standards are really completely different, or I bought the wrong type, or something…I don’t know.  But I HATE this paper.  I won’t tell you what it is, because the brand itself I know is amazing.  This particular paper is — what it is advertised to be — but not at all what I was told by those who have used it who recommended it to me…ya know what I mean?

So, this is a profile sketch testing out the paper…and it really ticked me off because this was the best profile face I had drawn to date, in my opinion.

watermarked-profile fab test

I have another profile piece I am working on in relation to working through the Tam Edition of LifeBook 2012...which isn’t ready to be shown yet…

But since i am working on so many profiles, it was almost natural that as I was playing in my art journal, using some new cerebral techniques, I kept up the theme.

The cerebral technique thing means I came to my art journal with a specific intention, with a specific question in mind, and I allowed the paint to inform me.  There was no underlayer of writing or anything like that.  I simply held my question in my mind over two or three days as I worked slowly and randomly on the page.



If you are familiar with the movie Fight Club, you may get the reference here.  I love this movie…but the book blows me away–and blows the movie away, in my opinion, every single time I read it.

I really enjoy creating the background and then putting a face over it, with bits of the background coming through the skin and whatnot.