Back At The Assembly Line…

My She Who series…which you can see some more of here...these girls began in a canson mixed media journal.

I was exploring some of the inquiries with the Red Madonna class (I’m not sure if ‘class’ is the right word, but I don’t have a better one at the moment…) and I started sketching out these girls…pencilled faces.  A bunch of them.  I don’t remember the original number now.  I have added to them throughout the year as I felt called to do so.

Then, on the phone one day with a friend, I took an ultra fine sharpie and outlined every single one of them.

Fast forward to my “secret get away weekend” in April, I think — me and a hotel room, art supplies and a thermos of hot honeyed lemon water…and my girls.

I started in an assembly line fashion.  Each girl got the first layers done to her hair and face.  Then each girl got background color.  And so it went, one layer, that layer done to every girl before contemplating the next layer.

Well, the weekend was more than a little rough upon my return, shall we say…and so for a very long time, these girls have sat around in a pile on my desk where I can see them (and feel guilty) every day.  Now and then, I pick one up.  Sometimes I finish that one.

My unofficial goal is to finish the sketched out ones, the ones I’ve been working on (because, trust me, I have notes for at least as many she who girls to do as I have done…if not more…) before 2016 begins.

At the beginning of November, I had eleven girls waiting to be finished.

This past week (before I started to get sick, the day the toddler started to be a sicky poo yucky actually)…I finished six…I didn’t even realize I had completed six until the next day when I went to scan them … six girls done…five more left to complete…

I may meet that deadline after all.

Here they are, my newly completed She Who girls…

watermarked-she who embraces my fears watermarked-she who embraces my tears watermarked-she who holds my words tight watermarked-she who kneels in supplication watermarked-she who knows who i am watermarked-she who loves herself completely

It is a bit difficult to work on these girls and not try to rework their entire face…I don’t actually draw this way anymore…I have expanded and altered the way I do things.  The mouths here can drive me crazy.  It was not all that long ago that my girls began to smile when I sketched them…anyway…these are not the last of the She Who girls…more will come…