Do You Realize 2015 Is Nearly Over?

There are roughly seven weeks remaining in 2015.

It is rather hard to grasp that concept right now.  I cannot believe this whole year just flew by.

For the past two years, I have kept track of the year via LifeBook–a brand new lesson every single week in my inbox that says Week XYZ…it is easy to see where I am in the year…except that this year, I have sort of been missing the whole..hey it is X week of the year…only X more weeks to go…

For some reason, however, the concept hit me this weekend…only about seven more weeks…

I am certain in no small amount that there are a couple of reasons I have been eager for 2016 to arrive.

I have plans of my own already in place and ready to go for 2016 (to be revealed later, in December)…I am waiting until the beginning of the year to sign up for the one single class I am taking next year–unless something so powerful and overwhelming arrives I can’t stand it and I just have to take it…it happens…it happens a lot…but at least what I am looking for has shifted and balanced out enough I can see what I need and can work my way through wanting things that won’t really do me all that much good.

Which brings to me the gist of this post today…

A word of the year check-in…

Do you know–I actually forgot what my word was for this year?  I was on pinterest, looking for things to put on my 2016 word of the year board –I think I started doing this in 2014–but I saw my 2015 board and was a bit blown away by it–because it was so unexpected–don’t ask me why it was unexpected–but it was…

My word for 2015 is Expand


Have I “expanded”?  Have I grown?

Oh, I think I have–by leaps and bounds…especially in the past few months.  There have been such amazing leaps of faith, phenomenal shifts, changes in habits and patterns, new dreams and wishes, and a solid path leading me to be more open where I am–which is rather difficult for reasons I won’t air in public.  Learning to be vulnerable in a space where vulnerability is not just chastised, but is beaten back and ground down…it’s not easy.  But I am working every day to find my way.  Even as I am daily forced back into the little cage of the Past which cause others to have certain expectations that they are unwilling to release, I work and work to find my own way, in my own way…and I am getting there.

It sounds odd to write that–but it is what it is.

I would love to say my health has improved along the way…and surely it has, in drips and drops.  Some days are good days.  Some days not so much.  Add in all my other daily tasks and a toddler with the energy to fuel a thousand suns…and there you have it.

My heart, Grinchy thing that it had been coerced into becoming, has indeed grown and grown, opening up like a lotus flower, as I sort things out and remember who and what I am on a daily basis, as I remember why I made the choices I made.

My art and my work are still evolving and expanding…and I am enjoying that journey.  I can say that with ease and confidence.

I sometimes enjoy looking back over the past few years that i have utilized a guiding word of the year, to see how they segue one into the next…how they build upon one another…and how by each year’s end I have come to embrace that word as it has embraced me.

2016 is something to look forward to…just as 2015 has been…