Remember The Little Purple Journal I Made?

You can find the video I did on this hand-made hand-bound journal here.

This is the little cloth-bound journal made from the pages of an old church hymnal that I splattered and played with paint all over…the one with the my little pony tail for the outer biding bits.

I have had no clue what to do with this journal.  It’s been sitting on my pile of journals.  I have begun to worry that I enjoy making these journals more than I enjoy filling them–and sometimes it is true.  If that addiction goes much further, I will begin to sell my hand-made journals.  There’s your warning.

Now, I am taking Shelly Klammer’s online workshop: 100 Days Of Art Journal Therapy. (scroll down to the bottom of the page–it’s there) This was one of those I need it classes.  So here we are.

This class…wow…if you think art journalling is “easy”…no…I have cried with almost every day, for whatever reason.  Something is always brought up and brought out with these prompts.  You get one prompt per day every day for 100 days…it is taking me two to three days to work through each prompt…and I do not always manage to make time on weekends, because weekends are rough around here lately…

But–I made it to Day 6 and the Good Mother Messages…and I broke down just reading the description of the exercise.  This one exercise asks you to do a certain task around what is given, with the Good Mother Messages, for thirty days…

Oh, did you think you were only going to get 100 days of prompts?  Au contraire…there is much work to be done here…and I am loving it…

As I read the exercise (I don’t want to give it away as it is part of her course)…it hit me that what I wanted was a small journal ready for about thirty days of art journalling…just as I was pondering what sort of paper to use, how big I would make a new journal…I spied — the my little pony tail sticking out of a pile of books…and that’s when it hit me:

I have the journal I need…and this is a perfect project for it…thirty days of work in a journal that is about 4 inches by 61/2 inches when closed–making the spreads roughly 8 inches by 6 1/2 inches…pre-made backgrounds that I really do not have to worry about doing anything to–unless I want to go full-bore and start prepping the pages with clear gesso…which I am not in the mood to do at the moment…especially since I am enjoying the idea of paint over collage a lot with this journal…but–you never know–we’ll see…

I found an image online of a fallen statue…and I printed it out small enough to fit into my journal–and I made this my title page–since technically this is not a full spread–it’s just the single page in the front next to the half page that is glued to the inside cover.

I gave my journal a title:


I love how the printer ink reacted to the glue I used to adhere this piece down on the page.  You have to look close to see the bubbly circles on Her skin.

Since I am thinking I may use collage a lot with this journal, I am not planning to post every single spread.  I will do a flip-through once the journal is complete.  As I say, right now, most things stop during the weekend so I have the strength and the ability to keep up.

I did want to mark the occasion of starting this journal, so I can look back later and remember–this is where this started–this is where this came from–this is why that came up…

And so…here we go…a new daily inspiration art journal therapy journal…

And no–I still don’t have any ideas on a closure for this journal…I am just going to mull it over while I work in it.  Maybe something will come up by the time I finish it.


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