Gaining Footing In My Journal

I have been working differently in my journals of late.

Ya know, when I started this art journal journey–I actually did not realize it was about “art journalling”–I thought I was learning how to make art, how to paint, how to draw, how to create using mixed media.  It may sound strange, but I don’t always notice the obvious.

It really didn’t strike me until this year that technically LifeBook is an art journalling project because all your separate sheets of work are bound together in a book at the end of the year.  Almost every lesson I do, I do on a separate sheet of paper.  Sometimes I will take projects into my actual journal to play with it–before or after I create the “real” piece for the lesson…as a way to integrate what I have seen and learned.

It wasn’t until after I had done a session or two of Effy Wild’s Book Of Days…yeah–work with me on this one…that I realized this was all about art journalling–even though she said we could work on separate pieces of paper, like in LifeBook…I took these classes with her for specific reasons…like the BOD session of Self-Love–and the session on Sovereignty...the first Moonshine Mother course I took with Effy had painting on single pages or canvas elements–and art journalling/trance journalling segments.  I loved both.  Hey, I still go back and re-watch Effy’s class videos…and I really don’t do that much with anyone else…as sad as I am to admit that…

Anyway–as I have been exposed to more artwork, more artists, more teachers…different classes, different workshops, different concepts…and a lot of new doors and windows have been opening up for me lately…

All of this to show you some feet…

Some days–I just allow myself to play –and I allow what wants to come up to come up…lately I am getting a lot of information and hints about Balance…here is one of those spreads:


No one ever said playing in your art journal needed to be complicated.  Really.

I have been getting more and more into creating the background layers for various spread…not the foot one above–bear with me here…but sometimes when I finish a background, I don’t want to slap a face down on it or anything…I want to see as much of that background as possible–and still have a focal image I can feel good about, satisfied with…here’s one of those:


Although the background was pushed back with white gesso in the end…enough of it still shows through to make me happy.  This is yet another spread that began heavy in the bee energy we all have going on over here.

I was researching something else entirely today when I stumbled over something about bees being all about Balance…so there is where the bees may be coming into play lately.  And maybe that might be the hint of the journal spread above too…it says”the message you seek lies within”.  This may be funny, but all week I have been avoiding, for one reason or another, looking up some Yoga balancing poses…because I have been getting that internal message for about two weeks now–you need to work on your balance…you need to work on your balance…

So…here it is…the message I seek…always begins within…