Friday Check-In

This week has been such a week…I feel as if it should be Monday today and not Friday–we have been running all week…

Two kids–two doctor’s appointments.  One kid went for her usual check-up, so no harm there…other than the time spent at the office, waiting…the other doctor’s trip…I love being told, yes, he’s sick, but there’s nothing we can do for you.  Keep using the OTC stuff.  Hello.  I came, as I told you, because the OTC stuff isn’t working well enough.

Sigh–I will NOT get on that soapbox this morning…both kids are fine now…so … that is really all that matters.

So…I have been busy running to and fro.  Last night, my partner cut up that huge piece of MDF board we got awhile ago…and he put the keyhole hanging slots in them…so with these ones, all I need to do is get to painting…after I fight my youngest to keep them.  lol…My three-year-old now has two bee pieces in action, as I did allow him one of the 12 inch by 12 inch MDF panels last night.  Then I made the mistake of showing him the keyhole slots…and now he is fighting to “fix” all the holes in the wood…with glue…I love him. n Oh boy, is he fun.

This week, I haven’t been that busy.  But I do have projects in the works.

I am currently working on the very final spread in the very first journal I hand-made and hand-bound, so I am sort of excited about that.  I’m not actually sure where the spread is going at the moment, but by Monday, I hope to have it finished.  There will be a flip-through video of that one.

My daughter let me know that I had to keep making journals and I had to make journals in sets of three, because once I die, there are going to be fights over my journals and she wants to make sure everything is fair.  Morbid?  Nope.  Just how we roll here.  I was a bit shocked that she and her brothers would want my journals…but then again, that is one reason I toss out my written journals after so long…so no one reads them…

Remember my prayer painting for Relate 2015? That piece has been sitting there, propped up with a couple of other canvases waiting for me to work on them.  I will create a whole post about the prayer painting process here…but…basically, the space that I needed to work through the emotional and spiritual side of the prayer painting is complete…and I am working on the painting again.  I will show the before I started working on it and the after in the coming post…

I have a couple of reclaimed pieces that I am working on.  One is a 12 inch by 12 inch wood panel.  Another is just another 12 inch by 12 inch MDF board.  I am not exactly sure where they are going, but I am happy they are going.  After the week I had, being able to fling paint is a good thing.

I am also sitting here staring at a canvas I like, but I am not in love with…and it is the right size for another project I want to do…so I think I will be reclaiming that this weekend as well…hmmm…

I’m having fun playing with a face as well.  My own bee piece is coming along nicely…and I am really allowing myself to play here.

Now–here is the next to last spread in my very first hand-made journal.


I have been meaning to paint peacocks for … so long.  I have a beautiful 12 inch by 24 inch wood panel, with the background all done and the peacock loosely sketched in…and it has been sitting here for … more than a year at least.  Why have I faltered in this?  Fear?  Stress?  Who knows?  But, much like my mermaids, the moratorium on the peacock has fled and I think I will be working on my peacocks again.  And completing them.

This peacock was inspired by a lovely painting video by The Art Sherpa.  I have another similar peacock sketched out on a separate piece of paper so I can genuinely paint the whole thing out per the tutorial, but this is a great start for me.

Thanks for listening to me babble this afternoon.