Recipe: Beef And Mushy Potatoes

Basic Ingredients:
One 8 ounce package of sliced mushrooms
One beef roast (ours was roughly 2 ½ lbs)
One medium onion (we used red)
32 ounce of beef or vegetable stock (we actually used chicken stock, because we grabbed the wrong container—and it worked great)
1 TB herbes de provence
Salt to taste
One potato per dinner guest

The morning before you plan to serve this meal for dinner…or the night before if you plan to serve this for lunch, add to your crockpot: the onion, sliced roughly—the roast—the sliced mushrooms. Add the herbes de provence and the soup stock. Turn heat to low and let cook.
Please note—cooking time for your roast may vary, depending on size and type of roast. Please cook your roast thoroughly, until it is done enough to shred without effort.
An hour or so before serving time, heat your oven to about 400 degrees. Bake your potatoes until done, roughly an hour, depending on their size.
Once your potatoes are done, let them cool while you prepare the gravy.
For the gravy, carefully remove all the mushrooms and onions from the crock pot and place into a blender. To do this, I first removed the roast and put it aside on a plate. Add just enough of the soup stock to help the blender move the mushrooms and onions without issue.
Blend the mushrooms, onions and stock until it is as blended as you like it. You may blend it out completely so that your sauce is smooth—or you may want your mushrooms and onions a bit more whole, so you would blend less.
Add the freshly blended bits into a saucepan. Then pour all remaining stock from the crock pot over that. Before going any further, replace meat in crock pot and cover to keep it warm.
I make gravy using Wondra. If you make it another way, insert your way to make gravy here. For me, I turned the heat under the sauce pan to a medium low heat. I added about a TB of Wondra and used a whisk to incorporate it. I let the gravy simmer a minute before adding another tablespoon of Wondra. I whisked that in and let it simmer. I continued this pattern until the gravy was as thick as I wanted it. I left that covered to sit while I worked on the beef.
Shred the beef, using a fork if the meat is too hot. I actually use two forks if the meat is too hot. One to hold the meat steady and one to shred the meat. The meat should just fall apart as you touch it if it is done through.
Combine the shredded beef with the gravy. Set aside.
Put one baked potato per plate. Cut potato open. Ladle beef and gravy mixture liberally over potato.
Repeat for each potato to serve.
That’s all there is to it.