Brain Dead

Today I am brain-dead.
I really have nothing to show for the past week. I have nothing to talk about really.
December begins tomorrow.
This is Winter? It was 70+ degrees here over Thanksgiving. Ok, so the day after it started to rain and has been chilly ever since…but still…this is not Winter…
I miss the Mountains. I have to tell you.
Our week last week was mostly about sicky-poo-yuckys…everyone here has the sniffles. And we wage the age-old battle of –is it allergies or is it a cold or something else? Or – is it both…
Then—we bought a new dish washer…and in the process of installing that …we had to wait until today to get a few parts (like a new drain hose)—our refrigerator decided that about 4 in the morning was a good time to flood the basement…I listened to what I thought was the sound of rain, but there was another noise underneath it that kept bothering me…when it dawned on me that wasn’t rain and the noise underneath wasn’t a good thing—I thought maybe the teen had decided to do laundry and the machine was overloaded and fighting a good fight while overloaded and/or over-balanced…only to remember…the dish washer wasn’t totally hooked up and maybe that was leaking. Nope. Refrigerator.
Refrigerator? Really? Yeah—it wanted a new water filter…so basically, it spit the old one out. No real damage. Lots of loss of sleep for the parentals here…but otherwise, nothing too bad, thank goodness. Talk about being grateful for things.
And this is the state in which I come to you now.
I have no new art to show. I have been doing a little bit here and there. I am practicing a new style of face, thanks to the book Imaginary Characters by Karen O’Brien (awesome book!) … but I am only sketching at the moment and there is really nothing all that interesting to show yet…yet…
I have been writing…here and there…I had a good to do list all ready and set for this morning when I went to bed last night—before the rain storm inside our house…but as of yet—I have not done anything on that list because I have been busy dealing with everything else around here.
But—things are good here.
You can expect new videos coming soon. New classes. New free challenges. And yes, new artwork. I have some new tools to play with—the Chameleon Color Tones pen. I have two right now, to test them out. These pens “allow you to get multiple shades of color from a single marker”. I have a blue pen and a brown pen. We’ll see how they work when I am ready to sit down and play with them…later this week, I hope.
This may be the type of post you get from me this week…just something chatty, letting you know where I am and what I am up to. I will post art as it happens…but tonight…tonight is all about sleep for the sleep-deprived…
Much love, my friends.