Re-Engaging In Relate

Relate 2015

I have spoken about Relate offered by Hali Karla many times in the past.
For this session this year, I started video taping myself creating my prayer painting. Then it reached a space where it just didn’t feel good to record the process on video anymore, so I stopped.
I have been slowly working on my prayer painting of late. I’ve been having to wait for layers to dry, which can be a bit … overly long, shall we say? When it is wet and rainy and generally damp all over around here.
I often listen to the recordings made for this class. I have them all on a disk and I have been known to bore my children to tears by listening to it in traffic. I have some extreme anxiety when driving, especially on the highways around here; the sound of Hali Karla’s voice can be a calming force for me. Not to mention, not only do the teachings seep into my brain more this way, but they are also seeping their way into the brains of my children…whether they like it or not. (lol) Please note—at no time has any of my three children ever asked me to turn it off…and they have asked about other things—apparently there is only so much Wendy Rule music they can take on certain days…and Tibetan flute music. I put on Scottish or Irish folk music…and everyone loves it. What can I say?
Someone in the class has brought to the group (via facebook) that she intends to go through the training again as part of her Solstice ritual time. I think this is a wonderful idea…it appeals to me. Not that I have stopped working with the material, but an more in-depth working is something I need right now.
So, I plan to re-engage with the material again this month. I also intend to finish my prayer painting this month. It is my goal to complete certain prayer paintings, done for various reasons and various classes, before the end of this year.
This is one of them.
Here is a work-in-progress picture of my prayer painting. She already looks very different already.


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