A Queen Completed

All this year, I have been working with Shiloh Sophia through her Red Madonna program to paint one single painting.

Yes, all year, working on the same painting, month after month.

It is a very intense experience.

I began to paint this piece on January 14, 2015.

I finished painting this piece on December 1, 2015.

I wish you could see all the detail, all the shimmer and shine, all the layers…but the camera only shows so much.

The canvas is a 30 inch by 40 inch wood panel.

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This has been such an intense process.  A lot has shifted for me during this process.  I mean, a lot of stuff.  In some very good ways.

It did take me nearly the entire process to stop listening to exterior voices and actually follow the guidance that kept coming up about this piece.

She is a mixed media piece, this Queen of mine.

There is paint, collage, pencil, soft pastel, ink, charcoal, metallic paint–yes, all that yellow that shows up in the pictures is actually gold.  I used gold, bronze and silver paint at the end.

There is still work to be done between us, She and I.  We have much talking yet to do.  I look forward to it.



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3 thoughts on “A Queen Completed”

  1. This piece is so striking. Your journey with her shows with every detail you put and the colors you chose. Congratulations on finishing her….but then again…maybe you both have “date” days in the near future. That would be amazing to look forward to. Please share once you “finally” finish her.


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