Here I Am

It’s December.

I would love to tell you, hey, I need to take a break because of the holidays and yada yada…and I could step into an entire diatribe about the falseness of this season as I see it …but that’s not my shtick … because I choose to focus on the positive and allow the rest to fall away in whatever way it chooses.

I am not inundated by holiday ‘stuff’.  I am in this strange stirring space though.

This time of year is typically about introspection and settling into to nest until the cold weather moves on…which is something I inherently enjoy…however, it is edging closer and closer to 70 degrees out there today and I am kind of over the whole not icy cold for the holidays thing…especially when the weather vacillates between freezy cold and warm enough for shorts.  I finally reached a space where I accept we live in a place normally devoid of snow…and although I miss snow over a foot or two high … it is what it is here.

Right now though…I don’t have a lot to say to the outside world.  We have germs galore here, on top of allergies, and I have been struggling to take care of everyone here and myself…which means not a lot of time to art or do much of anything …

So I am going to be taking a break from daily blogging here.  I will be posting as I am compelled…but daily may be more than I can handle.  Hopefully in January I will return to daily journalling.

Enjoy your holidays.



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