The Final Two She Who Girls

With these two girls, the initial She Who series is now officially complete…and I reached my goal of completing them before 2016 begins…


She Who Finds Me Here


She Who Teaches My Heart To Sing


I am so relieved this part of this series is complete.

Not because I don’t love them.  Not because I don’t love the messages they send or the tales they tell…but because I started them so long ago, at the beginning of the year…and now they are done.

And…yes, you did read that correctly…these are but the first half of an on-going series.

I collected all my scribbled notes of She Who names and am awaiting the proper time to start delving into them.

With this initial run, I sketched all the sketches more than I worked on finishing them.  Even though new sketches would come into being as I went along, I usually sketched in groups, one face after another after another.

I remember being on the phone with my friend and outlining all the sketches to that point with an ultra fine sharpie.

The whole process was an assembly line set-up from the beginning.

Sketch.  Outline.  Erase.

Hair color.  Underpaint the face.  Background color.

And so on and so on…

Plus, there were months of stacks of girls just sitting there waiting for the urge to strike for me to pick something up and work on it…

After months, sometimes I would look at the pile and grimace.  There was enough of my own guilt for starting and not finishing them…but the grimace came because…my work was shifting and these were static pieces.  There were only so many changes I could make without putting in more time and effort –and basically covering up all the past work to create whole new work, which was not what this series wanted…

But now…the final two of this part of the series are complete.

Now…I can move on to the next stage of the She Who Girls series…series II.  That is a bit scary for me…but it is also more of a blessing as well.  My work is still in flux.

Some of the ideas I have for series II are very new to me…and I am excited to try them out.  However, I have no desire to stream-line and create an assembly line set up for this new series.  I am hoping to work on each girl individually and see what blossoms from that.

By the end of series I, I admit to feeling more stymied than I liked.  My entire internal atmosphere had shifted from the beginning time to now…and sometimes working on the She Who girls felt more like pandering to pieces of me that no longer exist in an effort to quell something that didn’t really need quelling any longer.

Currently there are twenty-two names on my list for series II, but more names always pop up as I work on one girl, so who knows how many there will be in the end.  With the two final pieces sown above in this post, I have thirty girls in series I, at least that I have filed away under the proper category.

I am still adding to this board, but hopefully all She Who girls will end up here on pinterest, if you would like to see them all in one place.



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