“Spring” Cleaning…

“Spring cleaning time” has finally arrived for me.
Most people get the urge to clean and purge when Spring arrives…but not me. This is the time of year when the urge to purge, clean, toss, organize, scrub and just shift the energies of my space hits me the hardest. It’s been like this for years.

Something about one cycle ending and another one beginning…as far as I can tell anyway.
Two or three times a year, we clean out closets and toys to make room for the new things that need to or end up coming in…this is a different animal entirely.
This year I am not going hog-wild, spending hours, or an entire day, mega-cleaning one area of the house and then moving on to the other. Nope. I work for a few minutes here. I work for a few minutes there.
I am still amazed by how cleaning the smallest area, even just a bit, can completely shift the energies or the feelings of a room.
Working a little bit of a time allows me to actually take more time to work through things and sort through things. It also doesn’t use up huge amounts of energy—which for me is a true boon, since I have such limited energy anyway.

I am also ‘cleaning up” my left-over projects that have long lain unfinished.  This is one of those pieces.  It is inspired by Tamara Laporte and Lifebook 2012.


She was a bit damp when I scanned her.  Dry enough to scan — but still not completely dry…I had limited time when I was scanning, so I had to make every moment count.  Twenty-minutes later, the buckling seen here is nearly non-existent…


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