A Little Looking Back At 2015

Once upon a time…so many instances of late in my life have begun with once upon a time…

As I look back upon this past year, as I examine this year to see if I did expand…it there was expansion…I have to say, yes, yes, there has been.

It may not have come in the manners in which I envisioned it coming, but it came to me regardless.

This year has been the first year where my focus was more on my own work, rather than on the classes that I took. I allowed myself to stop blindly following what was put before me and to create as I was called to create. I painted—I prayed in paint—I set things in motion that are still coming to fruition.

Best of all, the dark clouds that have surrounded me for so long now is beginning to lift. It took a lot more than time to circumvent those clouds—and although I know there is still much work to be done there, the lightening of the load in any way is a beautiful thing…and something for which I am grateful.

At the end of this year, I shall pull out my peacock-adorned box full of artwork done on separate pieces of paper and create a flip-through video of these works. Not of my journal work for the year though—that would be too much. Plus, when each journal is finally filled, it will get its own video. I am not up to repeating things…nor for searching for dates to ensure this piece was done in this year…because I have several journals now that span more than one year…the same goes for the canvases I have created this year.

All of this is well and fine.

What I am truly seeking to embrace is joining the progress I have made in the past few years with the progress I intend to make in the coming year.

There is a way to find my footing again. There is a way to find my way Home to myself. There is a way…and the way begins with my word of the year for 2016: deepen.



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